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Kiwi Environmental Innovation Attracts Chinese Investors

Press Release – China Chamber of Commerce in NZ

Some of New Zealand and Chinas most innovative companies met today to discuss opportunities for investment and expansion. The China – New Zealand Environmental Technology Investment and Cooperation Summit was hosted in Auckland by the China …MEDIA RELEASE

21st April 2017

Kiwi Environmental Innovation Attracts Chinese Investors

Some of New Zealand and China’s most innovative companies met today to discuss opportunities for investment and expansion. The China – New Zealand Environmental Technology Investment and Cooperation Summit was hosted in Auckland by the China Chamber of Commerce in NZ and drew participants from all over the two countries.

Chinese Economic and Commercial Consular, Mr Zhang Fan noted that today was an auspicious day to host the event given that tomorrow was World Earth day and today marked the 90th anniversary of Kiwi Rewi Alley’s arrival in China. Alley was a long time Chinese Communist Party supporter and is probably the most well-known New Zealander in China.

The leader of the delegation from China, Mr Wu Xiaoqing was the Deputy Minister for the Environmental Protection Agency in China from 2005 – 2016, a period that saw dramatic changes in China’s environmental policies. In his opening remarks, he said he was proud of the dramatic improvement in government measures to combat pollution. During the period 2005-2015, the environmental industry in China has increased steadily with an average growth rate of 15% and a turn over in 2015 of 4.5 trillion yuan. The industry now has over 55,000 companies operating in this sector, employing 8.8 million people. “This massive economic force has been an important factor in improving the health of the Chinese people”.

Raymond Huo, who recently returning to Parliament as a Labour MP, took a higher-level approach during his speech, advising participants that just as Chinese companies need to understand the Overseas Investment Act to do business in this country, it is vital that Kiwi companies learn about China’s One Belt One Road initiative. The OBOR programme, which aims to promote regional trade by funding infrastructure projects was in the spotlight last month during Chinese Premier Li Keqiang’s visit to NZ and can be used by a range of organisations. Mr Huo would like to see a special purpose vehicle to raise funds from China through the OBOR initiative to support local infrastructure. The lawyer turned MP previously played a role in introducing the Kiwi company LanzaTech to China, told the Kiwis delegates that it was important to understand the Chinese concept of ‘Guanxi’, a system that because it is based on social networks and trust, is almost as important as a robust legal system.

The conference heard presentations from a number of Chinese companies who were interested in utilising Kiwi technology in China. This included Beijing Shougan LanzaTech, a joint venture company that is using the Kiwi developed LanzaTech systems for converting the off gases of steel & iron products into useful materials such as biofuel. Other companies presenting included Trinar Solar; the world’s largest producer of solar panels, Beijing Deeheng Investment Group Ltd. Co and Beijing Enterprises Water Group.

Kiwi companies at the forefront of innovation in sectors as diverse as e-waste, water treatment, composting and molecular level filtration relished the opportunity to secure capital and expand to such a huge market. Andrew Green, CEO of Hot Rot Solutions, a supplier of large scale composting systems said “We’re very excited to be a part of today, particularly when we see the success in China of other Kiwi companies such as LanzaTech. We know that securing a good partner in China can help us to meet our long term growth goals”. A number of promising connections were formed during the event, with support on hand from NZTE and Callaghan Innovation to help navigate the best path towards cooperation.

The delegation from China will conclude their visit to New Zealand with a series of site visits to learn more about New Zealand’s environmental sector and opportunities for investment and cooperation.


About Event Hosts – CCCNZ

China Chamber of Commerce in New Zealand was founded in 2002. The selective membership includes many of China’s prominent SOEs as members; Bank of China (NZ), Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (NZ),China Construction Bank Corporation (NZ), Haier Appliances (NZ), Huawei (NZ), Yashili (NZ), Waste Management, COSCO Corporation (NZ), China Travel Service (NZ) Ltd., China Minmetals (NZ) Limited, Air China, China Southern, China Eastern, Pengxin Group, Fu Wah NZ Ltd, Agria, to name a few, along with many of the local Chinese business elite executives. Members engaged in diverse industries covering many areas of trade, dairy, tourism, processing, shipping, air transport, timber, real estate, education, science and technology, finance and insurance.

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