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Standards Authority Supports the Father of Manuka Honey

Press Release – Dr Peter Molan

Dr Peter Molan is widely acknowledged as the father of NZs flourishing Manuka Honey industry.PRESS RELEASE

25 November 2014

Standards Authority Supports the Father of Manuka Honey

Dr Peter Molan is widely acknowledged as the father of NZ’s flourishing Manuka Honey industry.

A respected academic, his work over many years to unlock the healing properties of this unique food has seen many NZ businesses thrive as demand for this super-food has grown internationally.

Dr Molan has always maintained an independent stance, co-operating with the industry and sharing his knowledge willingly, but at the same time challenging claims that he believed could not be substantiated by those whose marketing efforts may have become overstated.

In a recently published decision, the Advertising Standards Authority (14/496) upheld a complaint made by Dr Molan regarding claims made by the UMF Association on their website that could lead consumers “to believe incorrectly that the UMF [UMF is a registered trade mark of the UMF Honey Association Incorporation] brand of manuka honey is the only one that adheres to the recognised NPA standard.”

The Complaints Board upheld Dr Molan’s position, stating that the UMF Association advertisement was ‘likely to mislead in breach of Basic Principle 4 and Rule 2 of the Code of Ethics and Principle 1 and 2 and Guideline 1(a) of the Code for Advertising Food’. They also required that the advertisement was to be removed.

See here for the full decision published by the Advertising Standards Authority.

This is a win for the public interest,’ Dr Molan said. ‘It lets consumers know that there are various reputable, reliable, independent suppliers of this fabulous product, so they have a choice of brands when seeking the genuine article.’

‘The UMF Association represents some, but by no means all, suppliers of Manuka Honey in New Zealand. It is important to me that all suppliers to the industry can expect to be treated fairly and equally, as they are all required to adhere to well-documented guidelines published by our Ministry of Primary Industries.

‘Major exporters like Watson & Son Ltd and Manuka Health Ltd, and the major seller of genuine Manuka Honey in the UK, Rowse, deserve protection from the unsubstantiated claims of a marketing organisation like the UMF Association, who would do well to see themselves as but one member of the NZ Exporter’s Collective of Manuka Honey producers, working together to promote this uniquely New Zealand product to the wider world’.

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