Tobacco Tax All About Money; Not Public Health

Press Release – New Zealand First Party

The government is clearly not concerned about health issues, if they were honest they would ban it, but they wont because they want to keep tapping into a goldmine in taxation, says New Zealand First Leader and Northland Member of Parliament, Rt … Read more »

The budget that failed Auckland

Opinion – The Policy Observatory

The 2016 budget offered Auckland nothing in the way of vision or hope and it continued the National Governments threats against the Auckland Council. Threatening the Council with over-riding its democratic processes if it fails to release land for … Read more »

Budget 2016: Mental Health Not a Priority

Press Release – New Zealand First Party

Mental health in New Zealand is not a priority for this government the results can be seen in our newspaper headlines, says New Zealand First. It is far too common to read about a tragedy, and learn the person at the centre suffered from … Read more »

Children’s Commissioner misses out in Budget

Press Release – New Zealand Labour Party

Jacinda Adern List MP based in Auckland Central Childrens Spokesperson MEDIA STATEMENT 28 May 2016 Childrens Commissioner misses out in Budget The Office of the Childrens Commissioner has missed out on a much needed boost in this years Budget, meaning … Read more »

Alternative to Tobacco Tax Hikes

Press Release – British American Tobacco

The planned increase in tobacco excise of 10% + CPI from 2017 to 2020 announced by the Government yesterday places an unreasonable burden on consumers of a legal product, says Saul Derber, British American Tobacco New Zealand (BATNZ) Head of Legal and … Read more »

Government Choosing Tax Revenue Over Lives

Press Release – Taxpayers’ Union

The Taxpayers Union says that the only justification for failure to legalise the sale of nicotine e-cigarettes is to protect tax revenue from the sale of traditional fags. In response to the Governments passing of the Customs and Excise (Tobacco … Read more »

GWRC welcomes new funding to improve water quality

Press Release – Greater Wellington Regional Council

Chris Laidlaw, Chair of Greater Wellington Regional Council says a new $100 million contestable fund announced in yesterdays Budget to help clean up water ways is extremely welcome. Read more »

Correction: Conservation funding to be clarified

Press Release – Forest And Bird

Earlier today Forest & Bird released an analysis of Vote Conservation that showed what appeared to be a significant decrease in Department of Conservation funding in this year’s budget. Read more »

$111.5m to support NZers into employment

Press Release – New Zealand Government

Budget 2016 invests $111.5 million of operating funding over four years to support more New Zealanders, especially young people, to get off benefits and gain sustainable employment, Social Development Minister Anne Tolley says. Read more »

Budget 2016: Overview

Press Release – New Zealand Government

Budget 2016: Overview Budget 2016 is a forward-looking Budget that invests in a growing economy (All figures for four years to 2019/2020 unless otherwise stated) Looking ahead to the results of responsible economic management Economic growth … Read more »

Minister of Finance misinformed or mistaken on Three Kings

Press Release – Three Kings Community Action

A community group there who wants the quarry filled in and become a park instead of housing Read more »

Budget: Cynically Playing Smoke And Mirrors With Education

Press Release – New Zealand First Party

The government is cynically attempting to bamboozle New Zealand educators and parents by moving figures around like a school gala game in its 2016 Get-Stuffed Budget, but it wont work, says New Zealand First. Read more »

E tū says Budget will entrench inequality

Press Release – E Tu

E t says the government has promised higher pay for workers, but instead the Budget will entrench inequality. Read more »

Budget 2016: Only Delivers a Couple of Pills for Health

Press Release – New Zealand First Party

The National governments Get-Stuffed Budget has only dished out a couple of pills to New Zealands stressed out health system and falls far short of what is urgently needed, New Zealand First says. Read more »

Budget 2016: Virtually Another Frozen Police Budget

Press Release – New Zealand First Party

The government has told the police to Get Stuffed by freezing the money going into frontline work for the sixth year in a row, says New Zealand First. Read more »

Budget 2016: Does Nothing For Housing

Press Release – New Zealand First Party

The housing crisis is our most serious problem, but the government still says there isnt one, says New Zealand First Housing Spokesperson Denis ORourke. Read more »

Crucial areas of the NZ health sector adressed in Budget

Press Release – Pharmacy Guild of New Zealand

Guild pleased that crucial areas of the New Zealand health sector have been addressed in Budget 2016 Read more »

Budget’s “meaningful recognition” of Whānau Ora and whānau

Press Release – Te Pou Matakana

Te Pou Matakana Chairperson Merepeka Raukawa-Tait has applauded yesterdays Budget Day announcement of increased support for Whnau Ora as a meaningful recognition of the sectors role in improving Whnau wellbeing, and the urgent demand in our … Read more »

Time for an honest look at funding of public health system

Press Release – Association of Salaried Medical Specialists

An article in the latest New Zealand Medical Journal , out today (Friday), dismantles claims that the cost of public health care in this country is excessive and unsustainable. Read more »

Maori Party President Hails Benefits of Being “at the Table”

Press Release – The Maori Party

Benefits for te iwi Maori from having its own political party at the table of New Zealands governing coalition have been hailed by the president of the Maori Party, Rangimarie Naida Glavish. Read more »

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