Extension of Solid Energy’s remediation indemnity

Press Release – New Zealand Government

Government officials are working with Solid Energy to extend the companys remediation indemnity, which will meet the future costs of returning the companys mining land to its pre-mined condition, Finance Minister Bill English and State Owned Enterprises … Read more »

BERL strongly affirms robustness of its CGT calculations

Press Release – BERL

http://www.berl.co.nz/economic-insights/macro-picture/government-and-fiscal-policy/berl-strongly-affirms-robustness-of-its-cgt-calculations/ Read more »

DCC Appoints Treasury Manager

Press Release – Dunedin City Council

Dunedin (Wednesday, 10 September 2014) Richard Davey has been appointed to the new position of Dunedin City Council Treasury Manager. Read more »

NZIER report on Labour’s Capital Gains Tax policy

Press Release – Federated Farmers

The New Zealand Labour Party has issued a media release calling into question the efficacy of the report authored by the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research (NZIER). Read more »

$5 in three years – maybe – the Nats’ tax fizzer

Press Release – New Zealand Labour Party

John Keys tax cut tease might give working Kiwis $5 a week in three years time maybe showing once and for all that National has no plan and nothing left to offer, Labour Leader David Cunliffe says. Read more »

National’s fiscals in disarray

Press Release – Green Party

Nationals fiscals in disarray Two weeks out from the election, the National Party is in disarray over their fiscals and cant explain what their tax policy is, says the Green Party. Read more »

National to further reduce ACC levies

Press Release – New Zealand National Party

A re-elected National Government will continue to support ACCs rehabilitation and injury prevention work while further reducing levies on households and businesses, National Party ACC Spokesman Craig Foss says. Read more »

National’s plan delivering a strong NZ economy

Press Release – New Zealand National Party

A re-elected National Government will return to surplus this financial year and stay there so we can reduce debt, reduce ACC levies on households and businesses and start modestly reducing income taxes, Finance Spokesman Bill English says. Read more »

The living wage is a dumb way to help poor working families

Press Release – ACT New Zealand

The Treasury found that two-thirds of households earning between $14.25 and $18.40 per hour had no dependants and receive little in the way of welfare payments. Read more »

Now for a tax you can understand

Press Release – ACT New Zealand

“Labour’s Capital Gains tax, as described by David Parker, is designed to drive investors away from a property bubble to productive investments,” says ACT Leader Jamie Whyte. Read more »

Conservatives disappointed with Taxpayers’ Union vision

Press Release – Conservative Party

The Conservative Party responded to the Taxpayers’ Union today saying the Union lacks vision when it comes to prison reform. Read more »

Labour commits to stable funding for voluntary sector

Press Release – New Zealand Labour Party

A Labour Government will establish long-term funding and streamline contract accountability for community and voluntary groups, says Labours spokesperson for the sector Louisa Wall. Read more »

Prime Time with Sean Plunkett: English v Parker

Press Release – Front Page Ltd

Tax — can we afford cuts and how would a capital gains tax work? Read more »

Voting opens and no fiscals from National

Press Release – New Zealand Labour Party

Voting in the election has opened today but National has still not released its fiscal plan for its next term and is keeping Kiwis in the dark, says Labours Finance spokesperson David Parker. Read more »

Govt contributes $2m to rebuilt Stadium Southland

Press Release – New Zealand Government

Prime Minister John Key today announced the Government will contribute $2 million to Stadium Southland, fulfilling an undertaking he made when he officially opened the rebuilt facility in May this year. Read more »

Colin Craig’s tax figures do not add up and are dishonest

Press Release – ACT New Zealand

Colin Craigs tax plan is to have two rates of income tax: 0% up to $20,000 and 25% above that. This will leave a $6.4 billion hole in the budget even before the new spending proposed by the Conservatives. The Conservative tax promises are … Read more »

Why Gisborne would need a ‘local share’ of royalties

Press Release – Local Government NZ

Every year the Government receives hundreds of millions of dollars in royalty payments for oil, gas, coal and mineral extraction in New Zealand. Read more »

Government funding boost for aged care a good start

Press Release – Aged Care Association

Yesterday Health Minister Tony Ryall announced a 5% funding boost for the elderly in rest home level care starting from 1 October 2014. New Zealand Aged Care Association Chief Executive Martin Taylor says it is a good injection of funding for the sector. Read more »

Cunliffe’s fiscal backdown nothing like enough

Press Release – New Zealand Government

David Cunliffe and Labour are still committed to irresponsibly spending all of the next four Budgets before the election, despite yesterday attempting and failing to recast their ropey fiscal forecasts, National Party Finance Spokesman Bill … Read more »

$150 million boost for Rural Broadband Initiative

Press Release – New Zealand National Party

Nationals Communications and Information Technology spokeswoman, Amy Adams, today announced a re-elected National-led Government will establish a new $150 million fund to extend the Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI). Read more »

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