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Tax burden grows under Labour, NZ less competitive

Press Release – ACT New Zealand

The tax burden has steadily increased under Labour, making New Zealand a less attractive place to live and work than Australia, according to ACT Leader David Seymour. Read more »

Cockies call for Government to rule out fart tax

Press Release – New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union

Cockies around NZ will be concerned todays climate announcement is a warm up for the Government to introduce a fart tax 2.0, says the New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union . Read more »

More than two million logins to new tax system

Press Release – Inland Revenue Department

Customers have logged into the new myIR more than two million times since one of the largest data migrations undertaken by a New Zealand government agency. Read more »

Tax Justice Network responses to report

Press Release – Tax Justice Campaign

The tax and transfer systems must work together better to raise incomes for those in need, says Tax Justice Aotearoa. We call for Government action to achieve better interaction between the welfare system and the tax system to help lift the lowest … Read more »

Call to Scrap Dog Rego Renewed!

Press Release – John Stringer

Since Christchurch local body politician and double-bulldog owner John Stringers call, back in February, for the Dog Rego to be scrapped, new research has backed his claim it does nothing to prevent dog attacks but simply taxes good dog owners. Read more »

Welfare for deadbeat dads is a betrayal of taxpayers

Press Release – New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union

Removing sanctions on beneficiaries for not naming the father of their children is just welfare for deadbeat dads, says the New Zealand Taxpayers Union . Read more »

Taxpayers get a smarter and fairer system

Press Release – New Zealand Government

One of the biggest IT projects ever undertaken in the state sector has successfully passed its latest hurdle with the transition of more than 19.7 million taxpayer accounts from one Inland Revenue computer system to another. Revenue Minister Stuart Nash … Read more »

SkyCity expects core annual net profit to fall on tax charge

Article – BusinessDesk

May 1 (BusinessDesk) – SkyCity Entertainment Group lowered its full-year guidance slightly after year-to-date trading was softer than expected and after the earlier settlement of the Darwin casino sale. Read more »

More winter welfare for the wealthy

Press Release – ACT New Zealand

Tens of millions of dollars in welfare are being given to well-off New Zealanders, revealing a Government with an unbreakable addiction to spending other peoples money, says ACT Leader David Seymour. Read more »

New data shows poorest punished by tax

Press Release – New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union

Taxpayers Union Executive Director, Jordan Williams, says Stats NZ data shows that the cost of living for beneficiaries grew at six times the average household rate. This was mostly driven by a single factor: tobacco excise hikes. Tobacco excise … Read more »

Tobacco tax hike drives up cost of living for beneficiaries

Article – BusinessDesk

April 29 (BusinessDesk) – The government’s annual 10 percent hike on cigarettes and tobacco was most keenly felt among the country’s poorest, resulting in a higher cost of living for beneficiaries and Maori. Read more »

Poor being hurt by Government’s tobacco taxes

Press Release – ACT New Zealand

The poorest New Zealanders are being hurt by the Governments refusal to stop increasing tax on tobacco, says ACT Leader David Seymour. Read more »

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