Tax Law Change Needed to Help Rebuild And Preserve Buildings

Press Release – New Zealand First Party

An amendment to the Income Tax Act 2007 is urgently needed to help businesses rebuild and get back on their feet after earthquakes, says New Zealand First Building and Housing Spokesperson, Ron Mark. Read more »

National leaves ACT alone in tax cut commitment

Press Release – ACT New Zealand

Its hard to imagine the Government ever cutting taxes if it wont do so now, says ACT Leader David Seymour following the Finance Ministers select committee appearance today. Read more »

Legislation builds stronger charities

Press Release – New Zealand Government

Legislation passed today will give New Zealanders more confidence and trust in our charities, Community and Voluntary Sector Minister Alfred Ngaro says. Read more »

Trustees Executors reaches $4.9M settlement with IRD

Article – BusinessDesk

Feb. 7 (BusinessDesk) – Trustees Executors, the trust company owned by Sterling Grace Corp, reached an agreement to pay about $4.9 million following an Inland Revenue Department audit of its 2013 tax year and the treatment of a $24 million legal settlement, … Read more »

Treasury Agrees sugar Tax Doesn’t Work

Press Release – New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union

The Treasurys conclusion that a sugar tax will hurt the very people it is trying to help, is entirely consistent with previous research by the New Zealand Taxpayers Union. Responding to todays release of Treasurys working papers on the subject … Read more »

Drought Declaration Brings Relief For Northland Farmers

Press Release – Federated Farmers

Federated Farmers says the Governments decision to declare a medium scale adverse event in Northland is pragmatic and necessary. Read more »

Tax relief for farmers affected by Northland drought

Press Release – New Zealand Government

Revenue Minister Judith Collins today welcomed tax measures announced by Inland Revenue to help farmers affected by the Northland drought. Read more »

IRD’S Shutdown at Critical Time a Joke

Press Release – New Zealand First Party

IRDs shutting down online services in the days leading up to the deadline for people to pay their end of year tax bills, makes the department look a joke, says New Zealand Firsts Revenue Spokesperson Fletcher Tabuteau. Read more »

New Working Papers published today

Press Release – The Treasury

The Treasury has published six new Working Papers today, covering evaluation of the Youth Service, sugar taxes, fiscal consolidation, and generating international income. Read more »

Major improvements to GST to be introduced next week

Press Release – Inland Revenue Department

Improvements to how New Zealanders file and manage their GST will be introduced next week as part of Inland Revenues multi-million dollar programme to transform the tax system. Read more »

Ministry of Justice Using ‘Privacy’ to Hide Embarrassment

Press Release – New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union

The Ministry of Justice’s decision to spend $23,000 on a video for staff to lip-sync a Justin Timberlake song is reason enough to override any privacy concerns the Ministrys bosses are now hiding behind in refusing to release the video under freedom of information … Read more »

Solar tax to be taken to hearing

Press Release – SolarCity

Auckland, 01 February 2017 – A complaint that lines company Unison Networks breached the electricity industry code when it introduced a solar tax last year has won the right to a full hearing after it was earlier rejected by New Zealands electricity … Read more »

Battle over solar tax heats up as full hearing announced

Press Release – Greenpeace New Zealand

Wednesday, 1 February: An extra charge for solar users, deemed a tax on solar, will soon be challenged in a full hearing after an independent authority agreed it needed to be fully tested. Read more »

Excise regulations better for alcohol producers

Press Release – New Zealand Government

Customs Minister Nicky Wagner says new regulations that take effect on 1 February 2017 will streamline the collection of excise and reduce costs for businesses. Alcohol manufacturers have told us the current remissions process creates unnecessary administration … Read more »

Smith ‘the Destroyer’ Challenged Over Token Subsidy

Press Release – New Zealand First Party

New Zealand First says a simple 23-word amendment to the Income Tax Act 2007 is all is needed to supercharge the earthquake strengthening of buildings. Read more »

UFB2 looks good – but does it all add up?

Press Release – New Zealand Labour Party

Taxpayers should be asking wheres the money coming from for the second phase of the Governments ultrafast broadband scheme announced today, says Labours ICT spokesperson Clare Curran. Read more »

Time to demonstrate ‘philosophical commitment” to tax cuts

Press Release – New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union

Its time for the National Party Government to put the money where their mouth is and commit to meaningful tax cuts following the release of Treasurys Financial Statements of the Government of New Zealand for the five months ended 30 November … Read more »

Businessman gets jail for evading nearly $400,000 in tax

Press Release – New Zealand Inland Revenue

Auckland businessman Clive Stephen William Bench was last week sentenced to 19 months in prison for failing to pay $399,827 in GST, income tax and withholding tax. Read more »

Seymour Challenged to “Walk the Talk” on Tobacco Taxes

Press Release – New Zealand First Party

New Zealand First is calling on the MP, David Seymour, to walk the talk when it comes to tobacco excise taxes given he voted with the government to increase them. Read more »

Inland Revenue to roll out $25 million information system

Press Release – New Zealand Inland Revenue

Inland Revenue has signed a deal with New Zealand company TEAM Asparona to provide the first stage of a new multi-million dollar information knowledge management system. Read more »

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