Calls for a sugary drinks tax grow louder

Press Release – Green Party

Minister of Health Jonathan Coleman needs to stand up for the health of all Kiwi kids, recognise he got it wrong, and move to implement a sugary drinks tax, the Green Party said today. Read more »

Heart Foundation supports sugary drinks action

Press Release – The Heart Foundation

The Heart Foundation has put its weight behind the New Zealand Dental Associations (NZDA) release today of a consensus statement on sugary drinks. Read more »

Dental Association highlight actions for sugary drinks

Press Release – New Zealand Dental Association

The New Zealand Dental Association is launching a new consensus statement on Sugary Drinks endorsed by key health organisations. The actions seek to reduce harm caused by sugary drinks consumption. Read more »

Hardworking Kiwis need better public services, not neglect

Press Release – New Zealand Council of Trade Unions

The current Governments priorities for next years Budget say nothing about improving public services, yet deteriorating public services hurt working people as much as a pay cut, says CTU Economist, Bill Rosenberg. Read more »

Excuses to avoid tax cuts don’t stack up

Press Release – ACT New Zealand

The Governments excuses for delaying tax cuts dont stack up, says ACT Leader David Seymour in the wake of Treasurys Half Year Update. Read more »

Spending wins over tax cuts; big ticket items get boost

Article – BusinessDesk

Dec. 8 (BusinessDesk) – Income tax cuts are on hold as the government says responding to the earthquakes and reducing debt are currently of higher priority, although election year tax sweeteners remain possible. Read more »

Feedback sought on modernising the TAA

Press Release – New Zealand Government

Revenue Minister Michael Woodhouse today released proposals to simplify and modernise the Tax Administration Act (TAA), as part of the Governments major transformation of the revenue system. Read more »

Community Mental Health Services a Priority

Press Release – People’s Mental Health Review

The Peoples Mental Health Review welcomes the Health Ministers commitment to funding mental health services as a priority over tax cuts. Read more »

Gareth Morgan says NZ’s wealthiest 20% would pay more

Article – BusinessDesk

Gareth Morgan says NZ’s wealthiest 20% including Key would pay more under Opportunities Party tax policy Read more »

New party policy reiterates call for tax on equity

Article – BusinessDesk

Dec. 7 (BusinessDesk) – The first policy of Gareth Morgans new Opportunities Party has been released this morning repeating a call he made earlier this year for a tax on equity to make the revenue system fairer. Read more »

Investor policy changes to encourage growth

Press Release – New Zealand Government

Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse says changes to the migrant investor policy will encourage investments that provide greater economic benefits for New Zealand. Read more »

Further ACC levy reductions of $126m a year

Press Release – New Zealand Government

Acting ACC Minister Nathan Guy today confirmed the ACC levy rates for the 2017/18 and 2018/19 years. Read more »

Government Financial Statements, 4 Months to 31/10/16

Press Release – New Zealand Treasury

Please find attached the Financial Statements of the Government of New Zealand for the four months ended 31 October 2016. Read more »

“Family package” something to look forward to?

Press Release – Child Poverty Action Group

Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) says the latest comments from Prime Minister John Key around shaping budget surpluses into better support for families is heartening. Read more »

Tourism bed tax should include Air BnB, says report

Article – BusinessDesk

Dec. 2 (BusinessDesk) – A joint tourism industry proposal to raise $130 million a year for public facilities that tourists use should include a $2 per night bed tax and include accommodation offered through the ‘sharing economy’ accommodation app … Read more »

New transport funding tools for Auckland

Press Release – New Zealand Automobile Association

Media Release: 2 December 2016 New transport funding tools for Auckland look before you leap Auckland AA Members are ready to consider new ways to pay for the citys transport infrastructure, but the most straightforward and popular … Read more »

Government Competition

Press Release – NZ Seniors Party

I was driving along behind a very large truck when I noticed a sign on the back of it that read Dont steal – the Government hates competition. This statement in just a few words tells the reader a true fact that affects every New Zealander. Read more »

National Proves Itself Wrong on Privatisation

Press Release – New Zealand First Party

The Prime Minister claims constructing a new parliamentary building makes sense long term for us to own those premises, but he has not applied that logic to state houses and power companies which hes sold off, says New Zealand First. Read more »

Bail-out of GWRC must come with appointment of commissioners

Press Release – New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union

If Greater Wellington Regional Councils Chairman Chris Laidlaw is to be believed and the Council is talking to the Government about a taxpayer-funded bailout as a result of earthquake damage to CentrePort and its property developments, the Government … Read more »

Stop ridiculous spending rather than taxing tourism

Press Release – Auckland Ratepayers’ Alliance

The Auckland Ratepayers Alliance is slamming a new proposal by Auckland Mayor Phil Goff to introduce an Auckland visitor levy as a tax on tourism and entrepreneurship. Read more »

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