General Election forces innovative tax policy discussion

Press Release – Baucher Consulting

The General Election on September 23rd is a tight race between the National incumbents and the Labour challengers. Labour has put taxation policy on the table as an election issue and this is leading to robust discussions about how to make taxation fairer … Read more »

Water tax ‘not about bottlers’

Press Release – Irrigation NZ

Labour leader Jacinda Ardern should not answer questions about the party’s proposed water tax by saying it’s about targeting water bottlers, says IrrigationNZ. Read more »

Barrie Saunders Appointed to Taxpayers’ Union Board

Press Release – New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union

Well known Wellington former lobbyist and journalist, Barrie Saunders, has been appointed to the board of the New Zealand Taxpayers Union . The Chairman of the Taxpayers Union , John Bishop says, Barrie has many years of experience in … Read more »

Tax cuts when kids go hungry

Press Release – New Zealand Labour Party

Tax cuts when kids go hungry shows Nationals lack of moral compass Nationals campaign of tax cuts that give $400 million to the top 10 per cent of earners, at a time when 120 Kiwi kids every year are being hospitalised for malnutrition, shows … Read more »

Greens would lower debt faster than Labour

Article – BusinessDesk

Sept. 18 (BusinessDesk) – The Green Party would reduce net Crown debt more quickly than the Labour Party and would continue to run Budget surpluses over the next four years, if it were the government, according to a costed fiscal plan released by the … Read more »

National Releases Plan for Economic Success

Press Release – New Zealand National Party

National has released its five point plan for the New Zealand economy and our tax system, designed to deliver sustained economic success and help families and businesses get ahead, Finance spokesperson Steven Joyce says. Read more »

Taxinda Nudges Hobson’s Pledge out of Limelight

Press Release – Hobson’s Pledge

The new Labour leaders threat of yet-to-be-specified widespread taxes has turned the general election into a close race with voters prioritising financial survival over disgust at years of race-based policy. Read more »

Water tax by the numbers: A breakdown

Press Release – Irrigation NZ

Recent attempts to estimate the cost of Labours proposed water tax to farmers have demonstrated a basic lack of understanding of how irrigation works, says nonprofit membership body IrrigationNZ. This issue, which is compounded by a lack of detail … Read more »

National supporting New Zealand families

Press Release – New Zealand National Party

National supporting New Zealand families National is helping New Zealand families get ahead by delivering more jobs, boosting incomes and delivering better public services for all New Zealanders, Prime Minister and Leader of the National Party … Read more »

Updated Labour tax ad released

Press Release – New Zealand National Party

The National Party has today released a new advertisement updated to reflect the latest changes in Labours tax policy, National Party Campaign Chair Steven Joyce says. Read more »

Confusion reigns on ‘no new taxes’ pledge

Press Release – Irrigation NZ

Confused members of nonprofit body Irrigation New Zealand are contacting IrrigationNZ asking if a water tax IS going ahead, following Labour’s announcement on tax plans today. Read more »

Is National planning a secret fuel tax?

Press Release – New Zealand Labour Party

Sources suggest National is considering a secret fuel tax to fund its controversial Roads of National Significance (RONS) programme, says Labours Transport spokesperson Michael Wood. Read more »

Water tax still on the table, but detail still missing

Press Release – Horticulture NZ

While Labour has released some more detail about its tax plans today, water tax remains on the table to be introduced in its first term in Government and critical detail around that remains missing, Horticulture New Zealand chief executive Mike Chapman … Read more »

Labour reverses Ardern’s ‘captain’s call’ on tax reform

Article – BusinessDesk

Sept. 14 (BusinessDesk) – The Labour Party has reversed one of new leader Jacinda Ardern’s first ‘captain’s calls’, saying it will implement no tax reforms recommended by a working group before the 2020 election. Read more »

Labour’s Tax Pledge Means Their Numbers Don’t Add Up

Press Release – New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union

The Taxpayers’ Union says Labour cant have it all ways, pointing out that Labours manifesto is costed at $23 billion over the next Parliamentary term, second only to New Zealand First. Read more »

Two taxes down, five to go

Press Release – New Zealand National Party

The Labour Party has postponed two new taxes but has left five more in place that would slow down the New Zealand economy and restrict growth, National Party Finance spokesperson Steven Joyce says. Read more »

Labour committed to fair and progressive tax system

Press Release – New Zealand Labour Party

Labour is committed to a tax system where everyone pays their fair share and where we start to address the imbalances that have fuelled the housing crisis, says Labours Finance spokesperson Grant Robertson and Labours Revenue spokesperson Michael … Read more »

Labour would put up income tax for average wage workers

Press Release – New Zealand National Party

The Labour Party is misleading New Zealand workers by trying to suggest they wont increase income taxes, National Party Revenue spokesperson Judith Collins says. Read more »

Labour Leader Floats New Dairy Milksolids Tax

Press Release – New Zealand First Party

Labour Leader Jacinda Ardern has created a new tax on live television the Dairy Milksolids Tax. Read more »

Tax Inspector Prostate Inspector

Press Release – New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union

Tax Inspector Prostate Inspector 12 SEPTEMBER 2017 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Winston Peters’ idea that tax refunds should depend on getting a prostate check is his most bizarre idea ever, and a breach of human rights, says the Taxpayers Union. Taxpayers … Read more »

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