Free Press: Muldoon Lives!

Column – ACT New Zealand

On the weekend New Zealand First challenged the Prime Minister to dictate which branches Westpac could and couldnt close, because Westpac is the Governments banker. The taxpayer would effectively be subsidising Westpac to keep some branches open … Read more »

Let’s not set back taxpayers’ rights by 327 years

Press Release – ACT New Zealand

Michael Woodhouses move to bypass parliamentary approval of tax changes via Orders of Council would take taxpayers rights back 327 years, says ACT Leader David Seymour. The move was first noticed by the Taxpayers Union last week. Read more »

Overseas pensions, and direct deductions

Press Release – Democrats for Social Credit

“There is a form of elder abuse no-one in Parliament wants to acknowledge,” claims Democrats for Social Credit Party (DSC) Advocate for Seniors, Heather Marion Smith. “It is the outright theft by the MSD (Ministry of Social Development) … Read more »

Ports of Auckland delivers $54M dividend to council

Article – BusinessDesk

Aug. 23 (BusinessDesk) – Auckland Council will receive a $54.3 million dividend from Ports of Auckland after the city’s port operator announced a lift in full-year profit despite even as revenue fell with container volumes. Read more »

Attempt to Skirt Proper Process a Constitutional Disgrace

Press Release – New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union

Revenue Minister Michael Woodhouses proposed amendment to the Tax Administration Act, allowing tax law to be changed by Order in Council, is a constitutional disgrace, says Jordan Williams, a former constitutional lawyer and current Executive Director … Read more »

25 Council Candidates Agree to Keep Rates Down

Press Release – Auckland Ratepayers’ Alliance

The Auckland Ratepayers Alliance is releasing its list of candidates who have signed the Ratepayer Protection Pledge, which prevents those candidates from voting for any measures which increase the total average burden of rates, levies, and other … Read more »

Council Candidate calls for visitor surcharge for Waiheke

Press Release – Rob Thomas

Witha near 700,000 tourists travelling to Waiheke each year the island is suffering from poor self-governance and infrastructure to manage a tidal wave of change. With just $100,000 available each year the Waiheke Local Board its unlikely to be able … Read more »

Tax relief for Hawke’s Bay businesses on the way

Press Release – New Zealand Government

Cabinet will consider a recommendation to allow Inland Revenue to waive interest on late payments of taxation for businesses affected by the Havelock North gastroenteritis outbreak, announced Revenue Minister Michael Woodhouse and Small Business Minister … Read more »

David Hay refuses to sign “Ratepayer Protection Pledge”

Press Release – David Hay

Mayoral Candidate David Hay has declined to sign a pledge to keep rates rises in Auckland at or below 2% per annum, which is being promoted by the “Auckland Ratepayers Alliance” Read more »

Government’s Tax Law undermines common law principles

Press Release – New Zealand Labour Party

A tax amendment being snuck in under the radar allows changes to tax issues to be driven through by the Government without Parliamentary scrutiny, says Labours Revenue spokesman Stuart Nash. Read more »

Museums Fear Unaffordable Fire Levy

Press Release – Museums Aotearoa

Museums Aotearoa says that the new Fire Service Levy set to come into force from July 2017 could place an unequitable burden on arts, culture and heritage institutions and places them and our national collections at risk. Submissions are due today on … Read more »

Michael Hill forks out $30.3 million to end NZ tax battle

Article – BusinessDesk

Aug. 17 (BusinessDesk) – Listed jewellery retailer Michael Hill International is paying out $30.3 million to the New Zealand Inland Revenue Department to settle a long-running tax battle over the transfer of the groups intellectual property … Read more »

The Truth About Section 70

Press Release – NZ Seniors Party

Since announcing the formation of the New Zealand Seniors Party, the whiners and knockers have definitely come out of the woodwork attacking the Party as ‘Double Dipping, greedy old people and winging Poms’. It has to be said there are over 85,000 … Read more »

Big Profit Movies Should Repay NZ Taxpayer Hand-Outs

Press Release – New Zealand First Party

Disney should repay the $20 million subsidy it is expected to receive from New Zealand taxpayers for making Petes Dragon here, says New Zealand First Leader and Northland Member of Parliament Rt Hon Winston Peters. Read more »

LVR start date deferred until 1 October 2016

Press Release – Reserve Bank

The Reserve Bank is deferring the start of the proposed changes to investor loan-to-value restrictions (LVRs) nationwide from 1 September to 1 October 2016, based on feedback from the banking industry from its recent consultation on the proposals. Read more »

EDS supports Green Party’s Taonga Levy

Press Release – Environmental Defence Society

At the EDS Conference Wild Places yesterday, the Green Party leader James Shaw announced a proposed Taonga Levy, which would be applied to international visitors at the border. Read more »

Kaipara District Council have a Duty of Care

Press Release – Adrian Bonner

Kaipara District Council have a Duty of Care toward the people of Kaipara, says candidate Adrian Bonner. Adrian is standing as a councillor in the Otamatea Ward in the forthcoming local body elections. Adrian believes that council, through its agent, the Audit … Read more »

Outdoors Party Tourist Policy Lifted by The Greens

Press Release – Outdoors Party

“The New Zealand Outdoors Party are flattered that the Greens have seen fit to adopt the Outdoors Party policy of a tourist tax” says Alan Simmons, co leader. “Our policy which we have been pushing for sometime now has largely been ignored … Read more »

The Taonga Levy – over to you, Prime Minister

Press Release – Green Party

The Green Party is calling on the National Government to support its levy on international visitors, to help fund conservation and local tourism infrastructure. Read more »

Inland Revenue launches Changing For You campaign

Press Release – Inland Revenue Department

Inland Revenue has launched an advertising campaign aimed at helping small businesses understand how possible changes to the tax system may affect them, and giving them the opportunity to have their say. Read more »

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