Hawke’s Bay Airport offer a shameful giveaway

Opinion – Mike Butler

The right for Mana Ahuriri to buy half of the HB Airport, reported on Saturday, is the latest of a long line of government blunders over the airport. Read more »

The time is right for a sugar sweetened beverages tax

Press Release – FIZZ New Zealand

New Zealand doctors and researchers say new evidence about the effectiveness of a sugary drinks tax on reducing childhood obesity, and rising public support, mean the time is right to introduce such a tax in New Zealand. Read more »

Community housing provider concerned at Government

Press Release – Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity New Zealand is concerned that an announcement to establish a new tax exemption category for potentially deregistered housing charities misses the mark. Reliant on a misreading of the relevant case law, the governments announcement … Read more »

Auckland fee rises unfair and will hurt many

Press Release – Funeral Directors Assn of NZ

Auckland fee rises unfair and will hurt many, say funeral directors Many grieving Auckland families will be hit hard by the councils new fees for burial plots, ash plots and interments which came into effect on Wednesday, says the Funeral Directors … Read more »

NZ-Canada double tax agreement now in force

Press Release – New Zealand Government

Revenue Minister Todd McClay has welcomed a new double tax agreement between New Zealand and Canada, which is now in force. Mr McClay says the new agreement, which lowers withholding taxes on dividends, interest and royalties between the two countries … Read more »

Changes give certainty to community housing sector

Press Release – New Zealand Government

Tax provisions to ensure community housing providers can continue to offer housing support to New Zealanders will give the sector the certainty it needs to keep growing, Ministers Paula Bennett and Todd McClay say. Read more »

Green Man Campaign Creepy, Patronising And Expensive

Press Release – Auckland Ratepayers’ Alliance

The Auckland Ratepayers Alliance is backing the comments of Auckland Transport Blog editor, Matt Lowrie, that Auckland Transports Green Man campaign is both stupid and creepy , Ratepayers Alliance spokesperson, Jo Holmes, says: Read more »

$438m motor vehicle levy cuts from today

Press Release – New Zealand Government

Hon Nikki Kaye Minister for ACC 1 July 2015 $438m motor vehicle levy cuts from today Read more »

More taxpayers getting more refunds this year, says IRD

Press Release – Inland Revenue Department

Nearly 90,000 more New Zealanders have had tax refunds so far this year compared to last year, resulting in almost $50 million more being refunded to taxpayers by Inland Revenue – thanks in large part to communications encouraging taxpayers to … Read more »

Auckland Council rate increases deserve searching review

Press Release – Auckland Chamber of Commerce

The big Auckland Council rate increases that kick in from today will be a constant reminder on why a line-by-line review of Auckland Council services and costs is needed. Read more »

Govt Gives with One Hand, Takes with Other

Press Release – New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union

The Taxpayers Union is accusing the Government of taking with one hand while taking credit for giving with the other regarding changes to fuel excise taxes and ACC levies introduced today. On the same day ACC levies reduced by 3c, petrol excise has increased … Read more »

ACC lying over levy blunders, says safety campaigner

Press Release – The Dog and Lemon Guide

The Accident Compensation Commissions attempt to blame multiple mistakes in setting vehicle levies on a computer coding error is a blatant mistruth, says the car review website dogandlemon.com . Read more »

Refunds for owners affected by Vehicle Risk Rating errors

Press Release – ACC

Refunds for owners affected by Vehicle Risk Rating errors ACC and the NZ Transport Agency are taking action to ensure that motor vehicle owners who have been overcharged for the Vehicle Risk Rating (VRR) component of their vehicle licencing fee will get … Read more »

Taxes going up and down, but fuel prices should be falling

Press Release – AA Insurance

Petrol tax collected to fund New Zealands land transport system is increasing 3 cents per litre on 1 July, the third of three scheduled annual tax increases. However, at the same time ACC is reducing the tax it collects from petrol by 3 cents per litre. Read more »

Helping Kiwi families get ahead

Press Release – New Zealand National Party

A number of important policies come into effect tomorrow that will help families get ahead and put more money back in your pocket. Watch my video on these changes here. Read more »

Paving the way for a simpler tax system

Press Release – New Zealand Government

A tax bill to be introduced today will help prepare the ground for simplification of the tax administration system, says Revenue Minister Todd McClay. Mr McClay says changes proposed in the Taxation (Transformation: First Phase Simplification and … Read more »

Home owners can pay property tax as well

Press Release – NZ Property Investors Federation

An issues paper on the Bright-line test for sales of residential property, released yesterday confirms that some homeowners will have a Bright Line test applied against them. “The new Bright Line law is aimed at anyone who trades property for profit” … Read more »

Activist Academic Fudges Tax Figures

Press Release – New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union

The Taxpayers Union is calling out the anti-sugar activist academic, Gerhard Sundborn, for a second time, for misleading comments on Radio New Zealand this morning that Mexicos implementation of a ten percent tax on sodas resulted in a twelve percent … Read more »

Consultation begins on property bright-line test

Press Release – New Zealand Government

Revenue Minister Todd McClay today welcomed the release of detailed design proposals for the new bright-line test, which will require income tax to be paid on gains from the sale of residential property bought and sold within two years. Read more »

EDS concerned New Zealand leading world into extinction

Press Release – Environmental Defence Society

Our precious biodiversity is under extreme pressure, from a whole range of threats, said EDSs Senior Policy Analyst, Dr Marie Brown. Read more »

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