Tough Laws Needed To Stop Multinationals’ Rort

Press Release – New Zealand First Party

Minister of Finance Bill English needs to face the reality of tightening New Zealand tax laws to make sure multinationals pay their fair share of tax, says New Zealand First Commerce and Revenue Spokesperson Fletcher Tabuteau. Read more »

Improved ACC governance – but risks remain

Press Release – BusinessNZ

The latest consultation on the level of ACC levies demonstrates the improved governance of the ACC scheme, says BusinessNZ. Read more »

Seymour Unambitious in Call for Tax Cuts

Press Release – New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union

The Taxpayers Union is calling on ACT Party leader David Seymour to stick to his classical liberal principles and fight for meaningful tax relief prior to next year’s general election to recognise that Kiwi households are better at spending … Read more »

Why not cut tax today?

Press Release – ACT New Zealand

Taxpayers shouldnt be bribed and manipulated with the vague whiff of tax cuts. Instead, the Government should cut taxes now, then campaign in 2017 on its record, instead of just promises. Theres nothing in the law that forces the Government … Read more »

Wellington City Council shindig costs $51k

Press Release – New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union

The Taxpayers Union can reveal that a Wellington City Council party, held just weeks prior to the Council’s elections to celebrate the signing of its new sister city agreement with Canberra, cost Wellington City ratepayers more than $51,000. … Read more »

Changes to government finance statistics releases

Press Release – Statistics New Zealand

Statistics NZ is introducing a new general government information release compiled under the Government Finance Statistics (GFS) framework on 5 December 2016. Read more »

Inland Revenue considers updating farmhouse expenses rules

Press Release – Inland Revenue Department

Inland Revenue is looking to bring tax accounting practice regarding farmhouse expenses into line with the law. Read more »

Healthy Surplus Should Be Returned to Kiwis Who Earned It

Press Release – New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union

The Taxpayers Union is welcoming todays surplus of $1.8 billion shown in the Crown accounts for 2015/16, and is calling on the Government to signal meaningful tax cuts in next years budget so that households, and not politicians, spend what … Read more »

Government Financial Statements, year ended 30/6/16

Press Release – New Zealand Treasury

The Financial Statements of the Government of New Zealand for the financial year ended 30 June 2016 were released today. Read more at: Read more »

Bigger surplus than expected as migration stokes tax take

Article – BusinessDesk

Oct. 13 (BusinessDesk) – Finance Minister Bill English today announced a bigger surplus than expected in the last fiscal year as a growing economy underpinned by an expanding population delivered a bigger tax take than anticipated. Read more »

Government surplus increases to $1.8 billion

Press Release – New Zealand Government

Minister of Finance 13 October 2016 Media Statement Government surplus increases to $1.8 billion Read more »

Tax sugary drinks to help our children

Press Release – Green Party

More and more New Zealand children are being hospitalised for tooth decay issues, and the Government needs to implement a sugary drinks tax to help turn this around, the Green Party said today. Read more »

National Indifferent to Impact of Power Price Hikes

Press Release – New Zealand First Party

National is showing little concern for the axe hovering above the Kawerau mill which if proposed Electricity Authority power hikes proceed could force it to close with the loss of more than 700 jobs in the Bay of Plenty, says New Zealand First Spokesperson … Read more »

When Politics Feels Personal

Article – Lindsay Shelton

O ne of the most rewarding parts of editing Wellington.Scoop during this years local election campaign has been the comments from our readers. I counted more than 300 of them in September alone. Read more »

Wilaci argues A$33.6mn in late payment fees not a penalty

Article – BusinessDesk

Wilaci argues A$33.6mn in late payment fees weren’t a penalty in Court of Appeal Read more »

World leading GST system turns 30

Press Release – New Zealand Government

Tomorrow we celebrate 30 years of having a GST system that is world leading and simple to apply, says Revenue Minister Michael Woodhouse Read more »

Inland Revenue ramping up scrutiny of big business taxpayers

Press Release – Inland Revenue Department

Inland Revenue is increasing the number of large companies, including foreign-owned multinationals, that come under close scrutiny to make sure they are paying the right amount of tax. Since 2012, 600 New Zealand and foreignowned groups have been under … Read more »

Government Still Missing Out on Revenue

Press Release – Joint Press Release

New legislation requiring international firms to charge GST when selling digital services to New Zealanders comes into force tomorrow. Retail NZ and Booksellers NZ say that, while this is good news for big tech firms like Spark and Sky TV, the Government … Read more »

35% of offshore speculators paying no tax

Press Release – New Zealand Labour Party

Offshore investors are aggressively exploiting tax breaks to pay no tax on their rental properties according to IRD data released by Labours Housing spokesperson Phil Twyford. 35% of offshore investors are paying no tax on their properties, … Read more »

Road pricing must not be used as a revenue grab

Press Release – ACT New Zealand

Any new revenue raised by road pricing should be offset with reductions in petrol tax, says ACT Leader David Seymour, in response to the Auckland Transport Alignment Project released today . Read more »

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