Q+A: Grant Robertson interviewed by Corin Dann

Press Release – TVNZ

Labours Finance spokesperson Grant Robertson told TV Ones Q+A programme that his party wants to see the whole tax system shift from a focus on incentivising speculation to incentivising investment in the productive economy Read more »

Government Choosing Tax Revenue Over Lives

Press Release – Taxpayers’ Union

The Taxpayers Union says that the only justification for failure to legalise the sale of nicotine e-cigarettes is to protect tax revenue from the sale of traditional fags. In response to the Governments passing of the Customs and Excise (Tobacco … Read more »

Tobacco Excise Bill passes all stages

Press Release – New Zealand Government

The Associate Health Minister Peseta Sam Lotu-Iiga says the passing of a Bill to increase the tobacco excise will save lives and prevent young people taking up a deadly smoking habit. Read more »

Tobacco Tax Hikes May Put Retail Workers At Risk

Press Release – Retail NZ

Retail NZ is concerned that the tobacco tax hike announced in yesterdays budget may make tobacco more attractive to thieves and put retail workers at risk. Read more »

Tax Tracker Web App

Press Release – Maxim Institute

Maxim Institutes Income Tax Tracker app is a great way to make talk of the Budget more interesting for the average New Zealander. Over the last few years, weve developed and refined the app as a great, shareable bit of interactive web content. Read more »

English: Budget Speech

Speech – New Zealand Government

I move that the Appropriation (2016/17 Estimates) Bill be now read a second time. Its a privilege to present the eighth Budget of this National-led Government. I recall our first Budget, delivered in difficult times, with Treasury forecasting … Read more »

Taxpayers still cleaning up after polluters

Press Release – Fish and Game New Zealand

The governments announcement of a $100 million dollar fund to clean up the countrys increasing number of degraded rivers and lakes shows taxpayers are continuing to pay for polluters, according to the environmental organisation Fish & Game. Read more »

Tobacco Excise Increase To Drive Illegal Market

Press Release – Imperial Tobacco

Imperial Tobacco New Zealand Limited says that the excise increases announced in todays Budget ignore the reality of tobacco consumption in New Zealand. Read more »

Increased Tobacco Tax Continues to 2020

Press Release – ASH NZ

ASH New Zealand congratulates Associate Health Minister Peseta Sam Lotu-Iiga and Mori Party co-leader Marama Fox in their further commitment to 10% tobacco tax increases until 2020. Read more »

Budget offers no tax surprises, but are tax cuts on horizon?

Press Release – Deloitte

Budget 2016 continued the theme of not being the vehicle to announce tax policy measures, according to Deloitte. Read more »

Heart Foundation supports tobacco tax increase in Budget

Press Release – The Heart Foundation

The Heart Foundation supports the continuation of tobacco taxes, as announced in the Governments 2016 Budget today. Read more »

BUDGET 2016: No real tax-related surprises

Opinion – Deborah Russell

There were no real tax-related surprises in the Budget, says Massey University tax expert Dr Deborah Russell, but smokers will be hit in the pocket. Read more »

Budget increases taxes on those in need

Press Release – ACT New Zealand

ACT regrets an enormous lost opportunity to cut tax for some of those most in need. Instead, the government has delivered those households a $1200 a year tax increase. Read more »

The Size of the Beast Keeps Growing

Press Release – New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union

The Taxpayers Union is disappointed that despite todays Budget showing healthy numbers the Government has failed to give any indication of when New Zealanders can expect tax relief. Taxpayers Union Chairman, John Bishop, says: Read more »

ETS Changes a Tax Hike with Lipstick

Press Release – New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union

The Taxpayers Union says the Governments decision to double the price of emissions of some businesses amounts to a tax hike on business and employment which will see consumers pay more. Jordan Williams, Executive Director of the Taxpayers Union … Read more »

Tobacco excise to rise 10 per cent per annum

Press Release – New Zealand Government

Budget 2016 will increase the tax on tobacco by 10 per cent on 1 January each year for the next four years, Associate Health Minister Peseta Sam Lotu-Iiga and Mori Party Co-leader Marama Fox say. Read more »

$857m to deliver a modern tax system

Press Release – New Zealand Government

Budget 2016 invests $503 million of new operating funding over the next four years and $354 million of new capital funding for Inland Revenues new tax administration system, Revenue Minister Michael Woodhouse says. Read more »

Smoking Tax Hike Morally Questionable

Press Release – New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union

The Taxpayers Union is labelling the Governments decision to hike taxes on smokers by 10% per year for the next four years as morally questionable. Jordan Williams, Executive Director of the Taxpayers Union, says: Read more »

TU Wishes All New Zealanders a Happy Tax Freedom Day

Press Release – New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union

Today is 2016 Tax Freedom Day. At 11:12am this morning the average New Zealanders will stop working for the government and for the first time this year begin working for themselves. Read more »

Average Kiwi Tax Refund Up 23% – Research

Press Release – MyTax.co.nz

The average refund for New Zealand taxpayers has increased by 23% over the past three financial years according to new research. Read more »

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