Energy efficiency proves its role in low-emissions economy

Press Release – EECA

Energy efficiency proves its role in low-emissions economy Annual Report 2015/16 Improved energy efficiency is helping New Zealand cut thousands of tonnes of carbon emissions, as well as saving millions of dollars a year. Links between energy efficiency … Read more »

Bridges to attend global energy summit

Press Release – New Zealand Government

Energy and Resources Minister Simon Bridges leaves for Singapore today to attend International Energy Week. The global event brings together 28,000 representatives of the energy industry, Governments and non-government organisations from across … Read more »

Genesis Energy forecasts lower annual earnings

Article – BusinessDesk

Oct. 19 (BusinessDesk) – Genesis Energy,New Zealand’s largest electricity retailer, saidlower oil prices, increased carbon costs and its “below market”contract with the struggling Tiwai Point aluminium smelter will weigh on earnings this year. Read more »

Invitation: Liquid biofuels Research Symposium 10 November

Press Release – Bioenergy Association

The Bioenergy Association and Advanced Biofuels Research Network (ABRN) have combined to host a symposium including international and local speakers providing an update on the latest research and market activities for liquid biofuels. Read more »

Sámi Presidential Visit to Aotearoa October 2016

Press Release – Hinekaa Mako

The President of the Sami Parliament of Norway arrives in the county this weekend, to engage with Mori communities opposed to exploration by Norwegian oil company Statoil. Read more »

Fishing and forestry drive diesel demand

Press Release – Statistics New Zealand

Diesel use in the primary sector has increased in the last five years, and now accounts for over half of the sectors energy use, Statistics New Zealand said today. The fishing and forestry industries were the main drivers of the increase. Read more »

Writing on the wall for oil and gas industry

Press Release – Climate Justice Taranaki

As protests against pipelines, rigs, seismic surveying and climate change spread across the world with bans, moratoriums and stricter regulations being put in place, oil and gas companies are pulling out of their permits. This week Norwegian company … Read more »

Greenpeace summer of action as Statoil signals retreat

Press Release – Greenpeace New Zealand

Friday, October 14: In the wake of Norwegian oil giant Statoils sudden exit from Northland, Greenpeace NZ is calling for a summer of action to drive Statoil and other oil companies out of the country for good. Read more »

Statoil ends search for energy in Reinga Basin

Press Release – Statoil

Norwegian-based oil company Statoil has informed the New Zealand Government of its decision to stop looking for oil and gas in the Reinga Basin. Read more »

NZOG gets permit extension to Barque prospect

Article – BusinessDesk

Oct. 14 (BusinessDesk) – New Zealand Oil & Gas has been granted an extension to its Clipper exploration permit for the Barque prospect in the Canterbury Basin, which it says could be bigger than Taranaki’s Maui. Read more »

Statoil decision shows Govt should give up on oil and gas

Press Release – Green Party

The wheels are falling off the Governments oil and gas strategy, with news that Norwegian oil company Statoil has given up on exploring for oil in the Reinga Basin off the Northland coast. Statoils decision follows Brazilian company Petrobras, … Read more »

Norway’s Statoil quits Reinga Basin

Article – BusinessDesk

Oct. 14 (BusinessDesk) – Statoil, the Norwegian state-owned oil company, has given up oil and gas exploration in Northland’s Reinga Basin, saying the probably of a find was “too low”. Read more »

PEPANZ Congratulates Successful Local Body Candidates

Press Release – PEPANZ

Petroleum Exploration and Production Association of New Zealand (PEPANZ) Chief Executive Cameron Madgwick today congratulated all the successful candidates elected to serve their communities following the announcement of local body election results over … Read more »

Gov’t enacts legislation to criminalise peaceful protest

Press Release – Oil Free Wellington

Oil Free Wellington is disturbed to discover that the government is enacting legislation to criminalise protest against the international warships which are coming to Auckland as part of the Weapons Expo in November. Read more »

BP Commits to the Top of the South Again!

Press Release – BP New Zealand

BP Connect Haven Road swung open its doors this morning, marking the third Wild Bean Cafe to open in the Top of the South this year. BP Head of Retail Debi Boffa says BP is committed to the region and excited to open another new store in the area. Read more »

Progressive Enterprises Ends Coupon Deal

Press Release – Gull Petroleum

Progressive Enterprises has announced it is cancelling its fuel discount docket programme in the second week of October 2016. Read more »

Noisy action to highlight Todd’s climate crimes

Press Release – Oil Free Wellington

Community group Oil Free Wellington will be making noise at Todd Corporations Wellington headquarters today to protest the companys ongoing oil and gas exploration, including fracking. Read more »

No Time for Fools

Press Release – Oil Free Otago

Oil Free Otago this week calls upon prospective Dunedin City councillors to uphold Dunedins growing reputation as a climate leader. Read more »

More oil drilling in Maui’s dolphin sanctuary

Press Release – Green Party

The Governments new Block Offer will open up another half a million square kilometres of our oceans to mining and oil drilling, including part of the critically endangered Mauis dolphin marine sanctuary, the Green Party said today. Read more »

Oil and gas Block Offer 2017 consultation begins

Press Release – New Zealand Government

Energy and Resources Minister Simon Bridges today announced the start of the Block Offer 2017 process for awarding oil and gas exploration permits. Read more »

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