All Fresh Avocados Eaten in NZ are Grown Here

Press Release – New Zealand Avocado

17 August 2017, TAURANGA: All fresh avocados eaten in New Zealand are grown here, says New Zealand Avocado CEO Jen Scoular, mitigating concerns that we import the fruit from Mexico. Criticism of Mexican growing practices was raised by an article … Read more »

How PSA infected pollen spread in New Zealand

Press Release – The Kiwifruit Claim

The High Court in Wellington has heard evidence from pollen importers, Kiwi Pollen, who imported the shipment of anthers and plant material that is the subject of the trial seeking to hold the Government to account for the losses incurred during the … Read more »

Labour’s water tax wrong to target irrigators, says lobby

Article – BusinessDesk

Aug. 16 (BusinessDesk) – The Labour Party’s proposal to tax water used for irrigation will fail because lakes and rivers most in need of freshwater clean-ups have low levels of irrigation, says Irrigation New Zealand. Read more »

Continued Softening in Rural Real Estate Market

Press Release – REINZ

Data released today by the Real Estate Institute of NZ (REINZ) shows there were 76 fewer farm sales (-16.2%) for the three months ended July 2017 than for the three months ended July 2016. Overall, there were 392 farm sales in the three months … Read more »

‘Let’s Answer This’ – Questions mounting on water tax

Press Release – Irrigation NZ

Lets Answer This, a campaign to get key questions on Labours proposed water tax answered is gathering momentum while the fundamentals remain unclear. The questions (attached) were sent to Labour Party leader Jacinda Ardern on Friday … Read more »

Horticulture New Zealand Responds to Scaremongering Claims

Press Release – Horticulture NZ

Reacting to claims yesterday from Labours water tax spokesperson David Parker that its level of “scaremongering around this would make Donald Trump blush”, Horticulture New Zealand chief executive Mike Chapman says this is a disappointing … Read more »

New Avocado Research Makes Superfruit Even More Desirable

Press Release – New Zealand Avocado

11 August 2017: New Zealand researchers have discovered that New Zealand-grown avocados have unique nutritional qualities, with double the amount of vitamin B6 and 20 percent more folate than those grown in other countries. Read more »

Apples delivered with a side of biodiversity

Press Release – Plant and Food Research

Most people might assume organic growing methods are better for biodiversity, but a new study by Plant & Food Research scientists shows a different approach can work just as well. Read more »

Labour’s Water Tax Means $18 Cabbages

Press Release – New Zealand First Party

New Zealand First says it has information proving how hard working Kiwi families will be seriously affected by Labours proposed tax on commercial water use. Read more »

Intensive farming bad news for native bees

Press Release – University of Auckland

Scientists have produced the first evidence that, the more farming intensifies in New Zealand, the less our native bees like it. Scientists have produced the first evidence that, the more farming intensifies in New Zealand, the less our native bees … Read more »

Leading Scientist Honoured

Press Release – Apple and Pear Industry

Plant & Food Research Scientist Dr Jim Walker has been awarded the New Zealand Apple and Pear industrys Outstanding Contribution Award. Read more »

Labour’s Rip Off Water Policy Mindless

Press Release – New Zealand First Party

Labours Rip Off Water Policy Mindless Its not easy to repeatedly be the subject of the adage imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, says New Zealand First Leader and Member of Parliament for Northland Rt Hon Winston Peters. Weve … Read more »

Horticulture Says “Let’s Not Do This”

Press Release – Horticulture NZ

Reacting to todays statement from Labour on freshwater, and in the absence of any detailed policy to go with that, Horticulture New Zealand says “lets not do this”. Read more »

First female president of Agcarm

Press Release – Agcarm

Agcarm, the industry association which represents crop protection, animal health and rural supplier businesses, has appointed its first female president. Dr Pauline Calvert heads the production animal business for MSD Animal Heath in New Zealand … Read more »

Second extra tax would hit regions hard

Press Release – New Zealand National Party

Second extra tax would hit regions hard The Labour Partys proposed water tax would hit regional economies hard by picking on farmers, horticulturalists and wine growers, National Party Campaign Chair Steven Joyce says. Regions like Bay of Plenty, Hawkes … Read more »

Labour’s water tax policy to hit consumers and the East Coast

Press Release – Irrigation NZ

Reacting to todays announcement of Labours freshwater policy, Irrigation New Zealand CEO Andrew Curtis said: ‘Labour’s water tax would affect every New Zealander. Read more »

4,500 Years of Crop Protection

Press Release – Agcarm

4,500 Years of Crop Protection By Mark Ross Like all agricultural innovations, crop protection products have evolved tremendously since their inception. From natural chemical elements, to plant and metal-based insecticides, to synthetic products, … Read more »

Horticulture welcomes funding for water protection project

Press Release – Horticulture NZ

— Government funding for a nationwide project to better protect waterways, by measuring and managing nitrogen on cropping farms, has been welcomed by Horticulture New Zealand. Read more »

Kiwifruit growers take Goverment to court over PSA

Article – BusinessDesk

Aug. 7 (BusinessDesk) – A group of kiwifruit growers has taken the government to court, in a landmark case where it claims negligence by the Ministry for Primary Industries allowed the Psa virus into New Zealand in 2009, devastating the industry. Read more »

Horticulture election manifesto

Press Release – Horticulture NZ

Horticulture New Zealand has launched its 2017 Election Manifesto with five key priorities for the new Government, to be elected on 23 September. Read more »

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