Beaches safe from oil spills after Anadarko gives up

Press Release – Green Party

Beaches in Wellington, Wairarapa, and the top of the South Island are at less risk of being decimated by an oil spill after Anadarko surrendered its fossil fuel exploration permits in the Pegasus Basin, the Green Party said today. Read more »

Vocus enters energy market

Press Release – Vocus Communications

Vocus New Zealand has today taken ownership of Switch Utilities Ltd, marking the companys first acquisition in New Zealand since the merger with M2 Group earlier this year. Read more »

NZOG board recommends sale of Kupe stake

Article – BusinessDesk

Dec. 1 (BusinessDesk) – New Zealand Oil & Gas has recommended shareholders support the proposed sale of the energy explorer and producer’s stake in the Kupe oil and gas field, after an independent appraisal report deemed the offer was fair. Read more »

Time to break up with our banks – 2 December

Press Release – Oil Free Otago

We asked ANZ nicely ages ago to take our invested money out of big coal, oil and gas projects in Australasia and the Pacific, and they ignored us. Read more »

Risks of natural events on aging oil & gas infrastructure

Press Release – Climate Justice Taranaki

CJT call for independent investigation on the risks of extreme weather and earthquakes on aging oil and gas infrastructure Read more »

Proposed Plan Change for Oil & Gas Exploration Activities

Press Release – Hawke’s Bay Regional Council

The Hawkes Bay Regional Councils Regional Planning Committee has asked Council to progress a plan change which would see a prohibition of oil and gas exploration in many parts of Hawkes Bay. Read more »

Oil and gas will continue to be cornerstone of world energy

Press Release – PEPANZ

The Petroleum Exploration and Production Association of New Zealand (PEPANZ) says a report released this week by the International Energy Agency (IEA) shows oil and gas will continue to be the cornerstone of the worlds energy supply, with demand … Read more »

NZ receives ‘Fossil of the Day’ at UN climate conference

Press Release – New Zealand Youth Delegation

New Zealand has been awarded the notorious Fossil of the Day award at the 22nd annual United Nations climate change conference for showing hypocrisy towards fossil fuel subsidy reforms. New Zealand was exposed in its support of the oil and gas industries … Read more »

NZOG shares jump to 20-month high

Article – BusinessDesk

NZOG shares jump to 20-month high on Kupe sale, floats partnership for Shell assets Read more »

New Zealand Oil & Gas interest in Kupe field

Press Release – NZ Oil And Gas

New Zealand Oil & Gas has reached agreement to sell its 15 per cent interest in the Kupe gas and oil fields and production station to Genesis Energy for NZ$168 million. The effective date of the transaction will be 1 January 2017 and includes … Read more »

“The World Is Waking Up” – DCC Opposes 2017 Block Offer

Press Release – Oil Free Otago

Dunedin City Council met today to choose their stance on the 2017 Petroleum Block Offer. There were submissions from numerous groups including Catholic members of Dunedin community, Seniors for Climate Action, 350 Dunedin and Oil Free Otago. No … Read more »

Will ECan support the Christchurch City Council

Press Release – Oil Free Otautahi

On Wednesday November 2, the Christchurch City Council voted 16 to 1 to make a VERY strong submission to the government against the deep sea oil drilling block offers off the coast of Canterbury. Read more »

PEPANZ expresses disappointment in Auckland Council decision

Press Release – PEPANZ

The Petroleum Exploration and Production Association of New Zealand (PEPANZ) today expressed its disappointment in the symbolic decision by the Auckland Council to oppose oil prospecting, exploration and drilling in New Zealand. Read more »

Considering Water Bottling, Feedlots, Oil & Gas drilling

Press Release – Hawkes Bay Regional Council

The Hawkes Bay Regional Council is considering potential policy development related to water bottling, feedlots and oil & gas drilling in the region. Read more »

BP reduces national price today

Press Release – BP New Zealand

BP decreased the national price for its company-owned network today, removing 3 cents per litre from diesel and 3 cents per litre from petrol. Read more »

Indian Oil Corp. senior executives explore collaborations

Press Release – India New Zealand Business Council

The India New Zealand Business Council [INZBC] again has taken lead in organizing a study tour for senior ranking delegates from Indias Largest Oil & Gas company, the Indian Oil Corporation. Read more »

Nanette Moreau Named Commissioner of Utlities Disputes Ltd.

Press Release – Utilities Disputes

The Board of Utilities Disputes Ltd, formerly known as The Office of the Electricity and Gas Complaints Commissioner (EGCC), today named dispute resolution executive Nanette Moreau as Commissioner of Utilities Disputes. Read more »

New name reflects change in the utilities sector

Press Release – Utilities Disputes

Responding to rapid change in the New Zealand utilities sector, the Electricity and Gas Complaints Commissioner (EGCC) becomes Utilities Disputes, Ltd today, November 1, 2016. Read more »

Report shows importance of oil and gas to the marine economy

Press Release – PEPANZ

Petroleum Exploration and Production Association (PEPANZ) Chief Executive Cameron Madgwick today welcomed the release of a Statistics New Zealand report showing the importance of the oil and gas sector to New Zealands marine economy. Read more »

NZ Oil & Gas make leadership announcement ‘in coming days’

Article – BusinessDesk

Oct. 27 (BusinessDesk) – New Zealand Oil & Gas, the Wellington-based explorer and producer, is likely to make an announcement soon over its senior leadership, chairman Rodger Finlay told shareholders at today’s annual meeting in the capital. Read more »

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