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OMV Taranaki Consents Granted With Conditions

Press Release – Environmental Protection Authority NZ

Applications by OMV Taranaki Limited for a marine consent and a marine discharge consent for activities in the Maui Field off the coast of Taranaki have been granted, subject to conditions. Oil and gas company OMV Taranaki Limited applied for consents … Read more »

How The Energy Industry Can Boost Government’s Economic Plans

Press Release – PEPANZ

Careful changes to regulations could help New Zealands oil and gas industry earn increased royalties for the Government and aid the rebuild of our economy, according to the Petroleum Exploration and Production Association of New Zealand (PEPANZ). … Read more »

Utilities Disputes Commissioner Encourages Energy Customers To Ask For Extra Help If They Need It

Press Release – Utilities Disputes

Free and independent complaints service Utilities Disputes is encouraging people to make contact if they have questions or concerns about electricity, gas, or water, and to ask for extra assistance if they need it. “Now more than ever its … Read more »

New Oil And Gas Discovery In Taranaki Welcomed

Press Release – PEPANZ

The announcement of a positive result from OMVs oil and gas exploration well in the Taranaki Basin is very exciting and promising news, says the Petroleum Exploration and Production Association of New Zealand (PEPANZ). OMV has today announced a positive … Read more »

OMV Exit Signals End Of Offshore Oil Exploration In NZ

Press Release – Greenpeace New Zealand

Friday, April 10: Austrian oil giant OMV has announced today that its indefinitely postponing its last remaining oil and gas exploration plans in the Taranaki Basin. Greenpeace is claiming “a win of generational significance” that signals … Read more »

Pohokura Gas Supply Back Online – Great News For New Zealand

Press Release – Pepanz

Natural gas from the Pohokura field is once again helping keep the lights on for New Zealand, thanks to outstanding speedy work by field operator OMV. The field was temporarily closed for important inspection work since 6 March and production was … Read more »

Open Letter To Essential Service Providers To Support People In Financial Hardship Due To COVID-19

Press Release – FinCap

COVID-19 is causing immense disruption to our society and our economy. Hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders and their families now face having to survive on a reduced income. These people are worried about whether they can pay their rent or … Read more »

March New Vehicle Sales Savaged Due To Impact Of Covid-19

Press Release – Motor Industry Association

Motor Industry Association Chief Executive David Crawford says that March 2020 registrations are down 37.3% (4,954 units) compared to the same month last year, with 8,317 new vehicles registered compared to March 2019 with 13,271 registrations. The month … Read more »

Natural Gas Keeping The Lights On For New Zealand

Press Release – PEPANZ

New Zealands natural gas industry is continuing production through the nation-wide shutdown providing critical energy including electricity to homes, hospitals and essential services. “Its very reassuring that natural gas is still flowing … Read more »

New Report Into Petroleum Exploration Ban Welcomed

Press Release – PEPANZ

A new report by the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment into the ban on new petroleum exploration permits outside onshore Taranaki has been welcomed by the Petroleum Exploration and Production Association of New Zealand (PEPANZ). “This … Read more »

New National Fuel Plan Launched

Press Release – New Zealand Government

A new National Fuel Plan formed as part of the Governments response to the Auckland Fuel Supply Disruption Inquiry, will manage potential fuel supply disruptions say Energy and Resources Minister Megan Woods and Civil Defence Minister Peeni Henare. … Read more »

Emerging Climate Policies To Affect The Producers Of Oil, Gas, And Coal

Press Release – University of Waikato

A University of Waikato expert in energy law and mining says countries producing fossil fuels have no guarantee of a market for their products as the world addresses climate change. Professor Barry Barton is putting forward a paper to international … Read more »

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