Radiata, right tree, at this time

Press Release – ForestX

Radiata Pine will grow at about five times faster than native species. It grows almost anywhere, its easy to establish and manage and the underpinning science has a 70-year record. It is now about 95% of the commercial plantation estate that returns … Read more »

Worker input on safety is needed for the forestry industry

Press Release – First Union

Worker input on safety guidelines and funding for safety training is needed for the forestry industry FIRST Union is deeply saddened by the death of Shannon David Omlo of Tapawera in a forestry accident near Nelson yesterday. FIRST Union extends … Read more »

Technology helps wood displace steel and concrete

Press Release – Innovatek

Until recently, New Zealand developers had been slow to adopt the engineered timber structures in contrast to leaders in Australia, USA. Now, more engineers here are recognising engineered woods advantages with new building information modelling … Read more »

Forest Charity Has Record Year

Press Release – NZIF

The NZIF Foundation announces education and research awards totalling $41,000. For this years allocation of funds, we were excited to have more awards, receive more applications and announce a record level for distributions, said Dr Andrew McEwen, … Read more »

Recognising outstanding contributions to NZ forestry

Press Release – NZ Institute of Forestry

The NZ Institute of Forestry recognised the contribution of two of its outstanding leaders at its Annual Awards Dinner in Nelson last night. Peter Clark of Rotorua received the NZIF Forester of the Year award. The award recognises an Institute member … Read more »

Why Forestry Biomass Is Carbon Neutral

Press Release – Azwood Energy

The Carbon Zero Bill – the legislation that will guide New Zealand to becoming carbon neutral by 2050 is now out for consultation. Wood energy will play a vital role in helping New Zealand transition to a low-emissions future through conversions that … Read more »

Workplace safety gets top billing in forest workplaces

Press Release – Forest Industry Engineering Association

In August a major national forest safety conference Forest Safety & Technology 2018 will show how well forest workers have embraced new techniques for integrated workplace safety. ( https://forestsafety.events ) Read more »

NZ Institute of Forestry proposes new national forest policy

Article – BusinessDesk

July 10 (BusinessDesk) – The New Zealand Institute of Forestry proposed the introduction of a new national policy for the industry at the sectors annual conference in an effort to help the government develop sound long-term strategies for forestry … Read more »

Tractor sales up across all sectors

Press Release – Tractor and Machinery Association

Sales of tractors are up more than 25% on this time last year and all sectors are showing buoyancy, says new NZ Tractor and Machinery Association (TAMA) president, John Tulloch. Read more »

Z Energy invests heavily in permanent forest sinks

Press Release – Z Energy

Z Energy has invested $1.5million in permanent local forestry projects to voluntarily offset the emissions from their operations. The investment represents the largest voluntary purchase of units from permanent forest sinks seen in New Zealand to date. Read more »

Safety conference showcased forest floor successes

Press Release – Forest Industry Engineering Association

A national forest safety conference in August will bring the latest practical solutions to the table for all contractors and forest managers to hear about and learn from. Following the challenges that this industry faced in 2013, it has responded with … Read more »

Forest owners vow to deal with forest harvest slash

Press Release – NZ Forest Owners Association

Forest Owners say the industry is focused on measures to make sure a repeat of the recent floods transporting harvest debris out of forests and into Tolaga Bay isnt repeated 25 years from now. Read more »

Land and Water Forum responds to Govt request for advice

Press Release – Land and Water Forum

Land and Water Forum responds to government request for advice The Land and Water Forum has responded to a request from the Government for advice on preventing further decline in freshwater quality, managing sediment and controlling discharges of nitrogen … Read more »

Sensible solutions making forest safety seamless and smart

Press Release – Innovatek

A major national conference on forest safety practices is set to showcase how our forestry leaders have delivered both safety and productivity benefits for people across a range of workplaces. Read more »

NZ Forest industry progresses with Act amendments

Press Release – NZ Forest Owners’ Association

Forest Owners say the governments announcement that the Overseas Investment Act would be amended to cut out red tape is a very positive signal to potential investors. Read more »

High-quality forestry investment welcomed

Press Release – New Zealand Government

New legislation that brings forestry rights into the overseas investment regime will help promote high-quality foreign investment that puts more emphasis on genuine benefits for New Zealanders, Forestry Minister Shane Jones says. The Bill recognises the … Read more »

Lack of decision support tools in forestry

Press Release – ForestX

Recent comments by officials and experts on planting one billion trees, the plight of hill country forestry and woody debris flows, have not touched on the total lack of decision support tools so that farmers and other local forest investors can … Read more »

Government driving land into foreign ownership

Press Release – New Zealand National Party

The Governments backward and ill-thought through changes to overseas investment regulations are having a perverse affect and driving more land into the hands of overseas investors, Nationals Spokesperson for Viticulture Stuart Smith says. Read more »

$11 million announcement welcomed

Press Release – Accelerate25

Manawat-Whanganui regional leaders have welcomed Forestry and Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones announcement today of almost $1 million towards planting in the Horizons Region and a $10 million loan to Ruapehu Alpine Lifts Ltd … Read more »

Growing the future of forestry – top scholars rewarded

Press Release – IFS Growth

This prestigious scholarship initiative was established by innovative industry specialists IFS Growth, to support exemplar students, in pursuit of a qualification for the forestry industry. The award provides a powerful kick-start into the world of forestry with … Read more »

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