MPI in denial about under-reporting of fishing catch

Press Release – Green Party

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) is in denial if it thinks under-reporting of fishing catch isnt important, the Green Party said today. As a first step, MPI should release the findings from its recent review of the Fisheries Management … Read more »

New Zealand needs to reform fisheries management

Press Release – Environment and Conservation Organisations of NZ

Research published today by Auckland, Oxford and Vancouver academics on fisheries catch mis-reporting is very welcome says Cath Wallace, fisheries management specialist and former senior lecturer in public economics and policy at Victoria University … Read more »

Research doesn’t paint an accurate picture

Press Release – Aotearoa Fisheries

Aotearoa Fisheries does not believe Glenn Simmons research paints an accurate picture of fish stocks because it is based on old data and is not reflective of our current Quota Management System. Read more »

Decades of abuse by New Zealand fishing industry exposed

Press Release – Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

The release of Reconstruction of marine fisheries catches for New Zealand (1950-2010) by the Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries and the University of Auckland Business School identifies the scale of data misrepresentation that renders the sustainability … Read more »

EDS calls for a wider review of the QMS

Press Release – Environmental Defence Society

The University of Auckland today released the results of its study into harvest levels of New Zealand fisheries. The reconstruction of catch figures between 1950 and 2010 concludes that 2.7 times more fish has been caught than reported by official statistics. Read more »

Twice as many fish caught as industry claimed

Press Release – Green Party

The Green Party is calling for more government observers on commercial fishing vessels and at ports following the release of an international study showing major under-reporting of commercial fish catches in New Zealand waters. Read more »

Fisheries catch under-reported – Expert reaction

Press Release – Science Media Centre

“The question of how big the unreported catch may be is difficult. It sounds as if much of the information in the new report comes from interviews with fishers. Having used interviews in the past, I know these kinds of data are particularly uncertain, … Read more »

Sanford welcomes discussion around recording catch

Press Release – Sanford Limited

SNA1 (Snapper One Fishery) data shows returns to the sea are 3.2% of commercial snapper catch; returns to the sea for recreational catch are unknown. Read more »

Academics’ Report lacks Scientific Credibility

Press Release – Seafood New Zealand

The catch reconstruction final report released today which claims the New Zealand catch over 60 years is more than twice that reported lacks credibility, says Seafood New Zealand Chief Executive Tim Pankhurst. Read more »

More than twice as much fish taken as reported

Press Release – Greenpeace

Auckland, 16 May 2016 Greenpeace is calling for an independent investigation of the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) in light of an explosive academic report released today, which finds that the quantity of fish caught in New Zealand is more … Read more »

NZ fishery catch estimated at 2.7 times more than reported

Press Release – University of Auckland

The total amount of marine fish caught in New Zealand waters between 1950 and 2010 is 2.7 times more than official statistics suggest, according to the best estimate to date. Read more »

How many fish in the sea is the proper measure

Press Release – Ministry of Primary Industries

An Auckland University report estimating historical catch in New Zealand fisheries misses the point when it comes to sustainability, says the Ministry for Primary Industries. Read more »

Under-reporting shows need to review quota system

Press Release – New Zealand Labour Party

Rino Tirikatene Fisheries Spokesperson 15 May 2016 Under-reporting shows need to review quota system The Government must launch an independent review into New Zealands 30-year-old Quota Management System following a new report suggesting gross under-reporting … Read more »

Overfishing denier fails to disclose industry millions

Press Release – Greenpeace New Zealand

Auckland, 16 May 2016 Documents obtained by Greenpeace USA through two Public Records Act requests reveal that University of Washington fisheriesbiologist Ray Hilborn has received at least $3.56 million from 69 fishing, seafood and other industry … Read more »

Fish & Game calls for Ecan to ‘lift performance’

Press Release – Fish and Game New Zealand

Fish & Game says its high time that Environment Canterbury (Ecan) met its obligations to the regions ratepayers after failing dismally to provide effective responses to many reports of cattle damaging waterways. Read more »

Old salts may have tickets preserved

Press Release – Maritime New Zealand

Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) is proposing to make some changes that will preserve some of the romance of the sea by allowing seafarers to continue to use certificates (tickets) with such names as Master Small Home Trade Ship, Master River Ship, and … Read more »

Seafood exports reach record high

Press Release – Seafood New Zealand

Seafood, one of the countrys top export earners, continues to show strong growth with exports reaching a record high of $1.713 billion in the year to end March, says Seafood New Zealand Chief Executive Tim Pankhurst. Read more »

Regional council to consider tender for fish farming space

Press Release – Waikato Regional Council

Interest in starting a fish farming venture in the Hauraki Gulf has prompted Waikato Regional Council to consider calling for tenders for the use of space in the Coromandel Marine Farming Zone off the north-west Coromandel coast. A staff report recommending … Read more »

Fleet renewal creates jobs and opportunities for young Maori

Press Release – Aotearoa Fisheries

New Zealands biggest fishing fleet renewal project in four decades is creating career opportunities for young Mori looking to join the marine industry. Read more »

Turangi flood protection works completed

Press Release – Waikato Regional Council

New works to bolster Turangis flood protection scheme have been completed very successfully, ahead of schedule and under budget. Read more »

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