New hydrographic plan for New Zealand waters

Press Release – New Zealand Government

Land Information Minister Mark Mitchell says a new hydrographic plan will help deliver benefits to New Zealands shipping and fishing industries, tourist operators, and marine scientists. Read more »

New Zealand fish and chips hold human DNA clues

Press Release – University of Otago

Before you pop that piece of battered fish in your mouth, be aware it might just hold the key to understanding the origins of a form of DNA memory critical to human development. Read more »

LegaSea renews calls for a full inquiry into MPI activity

Press Release – LegaSea

When the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) failed to prosecute industrial fishing boat captains for dumping catch it blamed legal advice for the decision. Read more »

Hon Nathan Guy – Speech to Book Launch “Roughy on the Rise”

Speech – New Zealand Government

Its great to be here tonight celebrating two important milestones for the Orange Roughy fishery. The first is Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification for several key orange roughy fisheries, and secondly to launch the book Roughy on the Rise … Read more »

Consultation: Compulsory “float-free” distress beacons?

Press Release – Maritime New Zealand

12 April 2017 Consultation begins tomorrow (April 13) on changes to six maritime rules, including one that would make automatic float-free emergency position-indicating radio beacons, EPIRB distress beacons, compulsory for more commercial fishing boats. Read more »

Orange roughy’s redemption celebrated at book launch

Press Release – Seafood New Zealand

The remarkable turnaround of New Zealands orange roughy fishery, long-hailed as an example of over-fishing, has been detailed in a book to be launched tonight in Wellington. Read more »

Mussel breeding research pays off

Press Release – New Zealand Government

A major breakthrough in breeding mussels commercially has been welcomed by Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy. The first harvest of high-value greenshell mussels from a purpose-built hatchery means the industry will be less reliant on collecting … Read more »

Kiwi ingenuity helps fish find home

Press Release – Hawkes Bay Regional Council

An innovative floating fish ramp is proving an inexpensive and robust solution to overcoming barriers preventing fish from migrating upstream around the country. Read more »

New Zealand penguins in crisis

Press Release – Forest and Bird

Half the worlds threatened penguin species live in New Zealand and yet there is no coordinated government plan to protect them. Forest & Bird is joining a global campaign to help save penguins and is calling for a national recovery plan to protect … Read more »

Fiji and NZ to partner on maritime surveillance

Press Release – New Zealand Government

New Zealand will deploy a Royal New Zealand Navy Inshore Patrol Vessel and crew to Fiji for six months from May, Defence Minister Gerry Brownlee says. Read more »

Nathan Guy out of step with public opinion on dolphins

Press Release – World Wildlife Fund

An opinion poll published today shows the Minister for Primary Industries, Hon. Nathan Guy MP, is out of step with public opinion on protecting the critically endangered Mui dolphin, said WWF-New Zealand. Read more »

Lobster Industry Veteran Hits Back at Critics

Press Release – CRA 2 Rock Lobster Management Company Ltd

A senior Bay of Plenty rock lobster (crayfish) quota owner and professional fisherman operating in the CRA 2 management area Te Arai to East Cape – believes that his industry should be applauded for retiring 25% of their annual catch entitlement for … Read more »

Moana backs call for safe fishing in Maui Dolphin habitat

Press Release – Moana Fisheries

Moana New Zealand is backing a WWF call for Government to help transition fishers to dolphin-safe practices in Maui dolphin habitat. Read more »

Ground-breaking project to boost Christchurch whitebait

Press Release – University of Canterbury

A large-scale initiative to help identify and improve naka (whitebait) spawning areas on tautahi Christchurch waterways in the post-earthquake environment has attracted considerable community support. Read more »

“Worrying web of connections” between MPI & fishing industry

Press Release – Greenpeace New Zealand

Monday, April 3: A Greenpeace investigation has revealed the true extent of the powers that the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) has given the fishing industry to self-regulate and report on its own performance. Read more »

International fisheries scientists meet in Nelson

Press Release – Deepwater Group

Scientists from more than 20 countries are meeting in Nelson this week for an international conference to discuss the latest advances in fisheries technology. Read more »

Greens will protect Māui dolphins

Press Release – Green Party

The Green Party is committed to protecting Mui dolphins and ensuring the affected fishing industry is supported to adopt dolphin-friendly fishing methods. Read more »

Sustainable New Zealand Seafood Promoted

Press Release – Deepwater Group

Australians are being told to choose New Zealand seafood on Sustainable Seafood Day, which will be celebrated on 31 March throughout Australia. This is because over 50% of New Zealands wild catch is now certified as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship … Read more »

International fisheries scientists meeting in Nelson

Press Release – International Council for Exploration of the Sea

Scientists from around the globe are meeting in Nelson next week to discuss the latest advances in fisheries technology. Read more »

Marine Protection Forum To Request More Deliberation Time

Press Release – South East Marine Protection Forum

The South-East Marine Protection Forum/Roopu Manaaki ki te Toka has determined it needs more time for its deliberation process. The Forum have been working to a government deadline of 28 April 2017, for the delivery of its final recommendations for a network … Read more »

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