Raw material supply constraints lead to SeaDragon loss

Article – BusinessDesk

Nov. 19 (BusinessDesk) – SeaDragon, which manufactures fish oil for health supplements, has reported a $574,000 half-year loss, 362 percent down on the same period last year after difficulties securing raw material saw its factory underused. Read more »

Sanford lifts profit despite “challenging year”

Article – BusinessDesk

Nov. 19 (BusinessDesk) – Sanford, New Zealand’s largest listed fishing group, lifted annual profit 10 percent as gains in its deepwater fishing and aquaculture operations offset falling skipjack tuna prices. Read more »

Sanford Releases Annual Result for Year To 30 September 2014

Press Release – Sanford Limited

- Prudent foreign exchange management coupled with successful deepwater fishing and aquaculture performances assisted with the net profit result; profit for the year totalled $22.4m, 10.2% up from $20.4m last year. Read more »

Call for More Ocean Protection Sees NZ Lead by Example

Press Release – Deepwater Group

A global commitment to manage the ocean more effectively has the full support of the New Zealand seafood industry. Read more »

FTA with Korea Disappointing for New Zealand Seafood

Press Release – Seafood New Zealand

The so-called free trade deal with Korea excludes frozen squid, which will continue to suffer a 22 percent tariff. Read more »

Police name Fisherman who fell overboard near Kaitorete Spit

Press Release – New Zealand Police

Canterbury Police have released the name of the man whose body was recovered yesterday (Sunday 16 November 2014) as 59 year old Edward Ernest BRANDON. Read more »

UPDATE: NZ, South Korea conclude free-trade agreement

Article – BusinessDesk

Nov. 15 (BusinessDesk) – New Zealand and South Korea have concluded a free-trade agreement that’s expected to cut into export tariffs in the nation’s sixth-largest export market that currently run to about $230 million a year. Read more »

Cawthron inks deal with Sigma-Aldrich to sell biotoxins

Article – BusinessDesk

Cawthron Institute signs up global partner to sell valuable marine biotoxins used in shellfish testing Read more »

Expensive snorkel for Bay of Plenty men

Press Release – Ministry For Primary Industries

Not knowing the legal size and daily limit for paua was no excuse for two men who were fined $1500 each in Tauranga District Court today (6/11/2014). Read more »

Commodity prices fall for eighth month in October

Article – BusinessDesk

Nov. 4 (BusinessDesk) – New Zealand commodity prices fell for the eighth consecutive month in October, to the lowest level since March last year, as signs of recovery in dairy prices were offset by a drop in the price of pelts. Read more »

Partnership, Trust and Collaboration – King Salmon and Spark Digital

Article – Spark Digital

You wouldnt think digital technology would play such a huge role in growing, harvesting and exporting the worlds best salmon. But youd be wrong… Read more »

Seafood Important for Growing Minds and Bodies

Press Release – Seafood New Zealand

It pays not to shy away from seafood when pregnant, with some seafood providing health benefits to both expectant mums and their babies. Prioritising higher fish consumption in pregnant women and young children is among the key dietary recommendations of … Read more »

MUNZ: Tauranga Port Won’t Take Responsibility for Workers

Press Release – Maritime Union of New Zealand

Tauranga Port Happy to Take the Money, But Not Happy to Accept Responsibility for Workers Read more »

Seafood Industry Welcomes Action for Black Petrel

Press Release – Seafood New Zealand

The seafood industry is backing seabird protection. Seafood New Zealand today welcomed the collaborative efforts of the Black Petrel Working Group to develop means of reducing the risk to this threatened seabird from fishing. Read more »

Good trout fishing ‘closer than you might think…’

Press Release – Fish and Game New Zealand

New Tauranga residents in particular may not be aware of the good trout fishing thats on offer almost on their doorstep. Fish & Game says its one of the messages they want to get across after releasing 700 yearling trout into Lake Mc Laren and the … Read more »

Sanford expands executive team

Article – BusinessDesk

Oct. 29 (BusinessDesk) – Sanford, the country’s biggest listed fishing group, has expanded its management team to kick off structural changes under new chief executive Volker Kuntzsch. Read more »

Guy: Aquaculture New Zealand Annual Conference

Speech – New Zealand Government

I want to start by saying that as Minister Im committed to a vibrant, profitable and sustainable aquaculture industry for New Zealand. Read more »

Check the rules before you go fishing

Press Release – Ministry For Primary Industries

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) is reminding all recreational fishers to check the rules before they head out for a fish this Labour Weekend. You can face serious penalties if you break fisheries laws and MPI fishery officers are regularly … Read more »

Kiwinet Challenge for new mussel-processing technologies

Press Release – KiwiNet

Sanford Limited is taking on a KiwiNet Business Challenge to uncover novel proposals for high-speed automated technologies that will help it process its current daily rate of 1.5 million mussels. Read more »

Dolphin Capture Shows Greater Range, More Risk

Press Release – Maui’s and Hector’s Dolphin Education Action

Dolphin advocates say the capture of an endangered Maui or Hectors dolphin in a recreational set net this year shows more protection is needed. Maui and Hectors dolphins are the worlds smallest and rarest marine dolphins, found only in New … Read more »

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