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National New Energy Development Centre Welcomed

Press Release – PEPANZ

The opening of the new energy development centre Ara Ake in New Plymouth today has been welcomed by the Petroleum Exploration and Production Association of New Zealand (PEPANZ) “New Zealand and the world are facing some major energy challenges … Read more »

New Report Highlights Important Energy Questions

Press Release – PEPANZ

A new report is highlighting key energy challenges and opportunities facing New Zealand, in particular questions over our future supply of natural gas. The publication “Asking the Burning Questions” is from the Petroleum Exploration and Production … Read more »

New Zealand’s Hydrogen Opportunities – “Real And Achievable”

Press Release – New Zealand Hydrogen Association

Dr. Linda Wright, Chief Executive of the New Zealand Hydrogen Association, says the opportunity for large scale hydrogen production in New Zealand for both domestic use and export is both real and achievable, but cautions it requires a long-term … Read more »

Another Industrial Giant Goes Into Strategic Review

Press Release – New Zealand National Party

NZ Steel is now the third large industrial company, with high numbers of employed staff, to go into a strategic review, with one of the significant contributing factors being Government regulation, says Jonathan Young, National Energy & Resources … Read more »

CEAC Supports Complaint Of National’s Regulation System Of ‘Market Manipulation’ In Energy Sector

Press Release – Citizens Environmental Advocacy Centre

The Minister for State-Owned Enterprises Winston Peters, has expressed shock and concern at the recent Electricity Authority Boards preliminary finding that Meridian Energy was involved in an undesirable trading situation during December 2019, … Read more »

Good Riddance To NZ’s Biggest Bludger And Take Your Bad Rubbish With You

Press Release – CAFCA

Finally! For as long as the Campaign Against Foreign Control (CAFCA) has existed – 45+ years – we have called for the closure of Rio Tinto’s Bluff smelter (for example, see our historic Comalco comic at … Read more »

Green Party Energy Plan Will Damage NZ Economy

Press Release – Straterra

In putting together Clean Energy Plan , Green Party would do well to consider this observation I know exactly what to do, I just dont know how to get re-elected once Ive done it! according to New Zealands minerals sector industry organisation, … Read more »

Green Power Policy Is An Ineffectual Nice-to-have

Press Release – New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union

The New Zealand Taxpayers Union is throwing shade on the Green Partys new policies to install solar panels on state houses and subsidise them for private residences, which would cost taxpayers $806,000,000 over three years. Taxpayers Union spokesperson … Read more »

Tiwai Point Closure – Let’s Not Squander This Opportunity To Use Surplus Energy Responsibly

Press Release – Better Futures Forum

On the 9 th of July Rio Tinto announced the closure of the Tiwai Point Aluminium Smelter in Southland, New Zealand. This is a devastating blow for the community of Southland, and those facing employment disruption as a result will need to be supported … Read more »

Greens Energy Policies; Positive For Working Kiwis

Press Release – New Zealand Council of Trade Unions

“Working people have signaled their commitment to do more to address the most pressing issue of our time; climate change. The energy policies that the Green Party have launched today provide a meaningful contribution to addressing climate change,” … Read more »

Greenpeace Welcomes Green Party Plan To Boost Solar And End Coal/Gas

Press Release – Greenpeace

Greenpeace is applauding the Green Party on their energy policy announcement today but seeks assurances that the Greens will make phasing out fossil fuels and investing in distributed renewable energy a bottom line in any potential coalition negotiations. … Read more »

350 Aotearoa Welcomes The Green Party’s Clean Energy Plan To Build A Fairer, Low-Carbon Future

Press Release – 350 Aotearoa

Climate justice organisation 350 Aotearoa welcomes the Greens’ plan to transform Aotearoas energy system and set Aotearoa on course towards a fossil-fuel free future in which workers are supported into new jobs, and communities have the power … Read more »

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