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Govt failing to deliver more affordable electricity

Press Release – New Zealand National Party

The Governments response to the Electricity Price Review has failed to deliver meaningful savings for New Zealanders struggling with the rising cost of living, Nationals Energy and Resources spokesperson Jonathan Young says. Read more »

FinCap welcomes move to reduce energy hardship

Press Release – FinCap

FinCap welcomes the Governments response to the Final Report of the Electricity Price Review process as a “good first step”. FinCap supports 200 local financial capability and budgeting services across New Zealand. Collectively these services … Read more »

Mercury encourages joined-up response to energy plans

Press Release – Mercury Energy

03 October 2019 Mercury will work with all participants in the electricity sector to support the outcomes sought by the Electricity Price Review (EPR). Read more »

Government levels electricity playing field for consumers

Press Release – New Zealand Government

Consumers will benefit from changes to the electricity market that will see a level playing field for smaller independent retailers, greater transparency over the big power companies, increased competition in the market and more support for consumers … Read more »

Consumer protections in electricity market long overdue

Press Release – Consumer

Protections for vulnerable electricity consumers and an end to misleading prompt-payment discounts are being welcomed by Consumer NZ. Read more »

Upstream gas investment needed for renewables back-up

Press Release – BusinessDesk

New gas-based businesses may need to be developed to ensure the country has sufficient flexible fuel resources to back up its growing fleet of renewable generation, the Gas Industry Company says. Read more »

UPDATE: Mercury NZ forced to use satellite pix

Article – BusinessDesk

Sept. 27 (BusinessDesk) – An “unacceptable disclosure regime from gas suppliers” forced electricity generator and retailer Mercury NZ to use satellite photographs to work out what might be happening in the local natural gas market, according to … Read more »

Collective action urged to avert climate crisis

Press Release – OraTaiao

Members of OraTaiao: NZ Climate and Health Council will join climate events around the country this Friday, 27 September, and are issuing a symbolic medical certificate, as part of the global strikes for climate movement. Read more »

John Carnegie to lead fossil fuel industry group

Article – BusinessDesk

Sept. 25 (BusinessDesk) – Long-time executive director of the Business New Zealand Energy Council, John Carnegie, is to take the reins as chief executive of the Petroleum Exploration and Production Association of New Zealand. Read more »

Vector urges regulatory change due to low-interest-rates

Article – BusinessDesk

Sept. 23 (BusinessDesk) – Directors at lines company Vector are pleading for regulatory changes, claiming the low-interest-rate environment is presenting new challenges. Read more »

Govt moves against Supreme Court ‘black hole’ tax ruling

Article – BusinessDesk

Sept. 23 (BusinessDesk) – The government confirmed today it will legislate to return the tax deductible status of feasibility study spending after a surprise Supreme Court ruling three years ago up-ended the Inland Revenue Department’s advice on the … Read more »

Report: Govt Inquiry into Auckland Fuel Supply Disruption

Press Release – Inquiry into The Auckland Fuel Supply Disruption

On 14 September 2017, the pipeline that brings diesel, petrol, and jet fuel from Marsden Point Oil Refinery into Auckland ruptured. It leaked jet fuel into rural properties and stopped the transmission of fuels into Auckland for 10 days. The rupture … Read more »

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