90-day work trials an unfair failure which must change

Press Release – New Zealand Labour Party

A new Treasury report shows the Governments 90-day trials havent helped businesses and are inherently unfair, Labours Workplace Relations spokesperson Iain Lees-Galloway says. Read more »

Fonterra Senior Leadership Team Appointments

Press Release – Fonterra

Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited today announced a senior leadership team and business unit structure that will enable the Co-operative to continue to deliver maximum value creation and strong performance. Chief Executive Theo Spierings said … Read more »

Little impact from 90-day law – Expert reaction

Press Release – Science Media Centre

An economic analysis of employee and hiring data from Motu Economic and Public Policy Research Trust has shown that the policy has led to little change in employment rates or employee mobility. Read more »

Ninety-day trial period has no impact on firms’ hiring

Article – BusinessDesk

June 17 (BusinessDesk) – The introduction of a 90-day trial period has had no impact on hiring by New Zealand companies although they are now in widespread use, according to researchers at Motu Economic and Public Policy Research. Read more »

90 day fire at will periods are a failed experiment

Press Release – New Zealand Council of Trade Unions

Government research agrees with CTU; 90 day fire at will periods are a failed experiment Read more »

90 day fire at will periods are a failed experiment

Press Release – New Zealand Council of Trade Unions

Working people are pleased that research commissioned by the Government is consistent with what working people have being saying – that 90 day fire at will periods are a failed experiment. Read more »

90 day trial periods have little to no effect

Press Release – MOTU

The introduction of 90-day trial periods in 2009 was controversial, with the government promoting the initiative as likely to increase hiring, particularly of disadvantaged job-seekers, and unions concerned that workers would be at risk of unscrupulous employment … Read more »

More jobs for Kiwis in Auckland, Wellington and Queenstown

Press Release – SEEK

Data released today by SEEK shows that there were 8.9 per cent more jobs advertised across New Zealand on SEEK in May 2016 than 12 months ago. Read more »

New Working Paper on Trial Periods in Employment

Press Release – New Zealand Treasury

The Treasury published a new Working Paper today looking at the impacts of 90-day employment trial periods. Read more »

Get Stuffed” Message In Veto To All New Zealand Families

Press Release – New Zealand First Party

New Zealand First backs the 6,000 signatories to today’s petition and all New Zealand parents in expressing disappointment in the governments veto of the Bill to extend paid parental leave, says Industrial Relations Spokesperson Clayton … Read more »

Plunket encourages further progress on Paid Parental Leave

Press Release – Plunket Foundation

Plunket is asking the Government to consider further incremental increases in paid parental leave in future Budgets following todays application of the financial veto to Labour MP Sue Moroney’s private member’s bill. Read more »

New Zealand to miss out on major health benefits

Press Release – NZ Breastfeeding Alliance

The New Zealand Breastfeeding Alliance (NZBA) has expressed its disappointment at the governments decision to use its veto against the Bill which would extend paid parental leave to 26 weeks. Read more »

Government refuses to support families with paid leave

Press Release – 26 for Babies

The National Party has voted this afternoon to prevent families from having more paid time at home with our youngest citizens with the vetoing of Sue Mahoneys Bill to extend paid parental leave to 26 weeks. Read more »

Parental leave veto: National chooses excuses not families

Press Release – Green Party

Nationals decision to veto Labours paid parental leave Bill today is another example of the Government choosing to make excuses instead of doing whats right for families, the Green Party said. Read more »

Voters to have the final veto on paid parental leave

Press Release – New Zealand Labour Party

New Zealanders will have the final right of veto on a Government that has ignored democracy and is out of touch with the pressures and demands on families, says Labour MP Sue Moroney. Read more »

Dunne Sees Irony in Paid Parental Leave Veto

Press Release – United Future NZ Party

“Just yesterday the Government called for children to be placed at the heart of policy-making in their CYFS reforms, but today we see a Government vetoing policy that would have given children the best start in life,” said Mr Dunne. United Future has supported … Read more »

Govt vetoes paid parental leave bill

Press Release – New Zealand Government

Hon Bill English Minister of Finance Hon Michael Woodhouse Minister of Workplace Relations 16 June 2016 Media Statement Govt vetos paid parental leave bill Read more »

Tourism boom pays off for NZ hotels

Press Release – Tourism Industry Association

2015 was an exceptional year for New Zealand hotels which collectively recorded their best results in five years, according to new Tourism Industry Aotearoa research. Read more »

Kiwis’ real disposable income goes nowhere for the year

Press Release – New Zealand Labour Party

New Zealanders hard work for the last year resulted in no increase in real disposable income, showing Kiwis arent getting ahead under National, says Labours Finance spokesperson Grant Robertson. Read more »

Vacancies rose again in May – MBIE Jobs Online Report

Press Release – Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment

Vacancies rose again in May MBIE Jobs Online Report The number of job vacancies rose by 2.4 per cent in May 2016, and by 13.4 per cent over the year, according to the latest Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) Jobs Online report. … Read more »

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