Workplace policy promising more insecurity

Press Release – New Zealand Labour Party

At a time when nearly half of all workers cannot get a pay rise and those who do are barely keeping up with the cost of living, Nationals workplace policy has nothing to say about how the gains of a growing economy can be fairly shared, Labour’s … Read more »

Community organisations struggling

Press Release – COMVOICES

The survey, conducted by community sector network ComVoices, highlights the high level of frustration and urgency being felt by those who deliver services, says group Chairperson, Peter Glensor. 311 organisations completed the survey. Read more »

Workers despair at Nationals lack of fairness

Press Release – New Zealand Council of Trade Unions

Nationals Workplaces policy, released today, fails to articulate any vison about how life for working New Zealanders can be improved. CTU President Helen Kelly said. Again if this policy focusses on removing work rights, its own documents … Read more »

National tries to dodge the discussion on workers’ rights

Press Release – EPMU

New Zealanders deserve a proper conversation about Nationals plans to keep undermining the real value of their wages and conditions at work. Today National has released a workplace policy which will further widen the imbalance of power between … Read more »

Do You Have the Correct Licence for the Coming Season?

Press Release – Rural Contractors NZ

Rural Contractors New Zealand (RCNZ) is urging its members to ensure they have all the correct transport licences for the coming season. Read more »

Next 10 things for Business Growth Agenda

Press Release – New Zealand National Party

The National Party has today laid out the 10 highest priorities for its Business Growth Agenda over the next three years as it works to lift New Zealand’s long-term growth rate and create more opportunities for New Zealanders and their families. Read more »

Workplaces policy about flexibility and fairness

Press Release – New Zealand National Party

Nationals Workplaces policy reflects Nationals continuing and strong commitment to flexibility and choice in the labour market, as well as an increased focus on health and safety, says National Party Labour Spokesman Simon Bridges. We believe … Read more »

Rural Women welcomes travel cost settlement

Press Release – Rural Women

Rural Women New Zealand welcomes news that a proposed settlement has been agreed that will lead to home support workers being paid mileage and wages for the time they spend travelling between clients. Read more »

Fair travel for support workers removes existing injustice

Press Release – Human Rights Commission

Human Rights Commissioner, Dr Jackie Blue welcomes the Governments announcement today that it has corrected a wrong for community support workers by agreeing to pay for travel time and for petrol costs when travelling between clients. Read more »

Childhood Mentors Have Positive Impact on Career Success

Press Release – NC State News

New research from North Carolina State University finds that young people who have had mentors are more likely to find work early in their careers that gives them more responsibility and autonomy ultimately putting them on a path to more financially … Read more »

InfoTrack named as Great Place to Work

Press Release – InfoTrack

InfoTrack named as Great Place to Work Rounds out Trifecta of Awards 12 September, 2014 – InfoTrack has been named as one of 2014s Great Places to Work in recognition of the companys shared vision, ethical business practices, fairness, approachable … Read more »

CTU supports Pike families’ application for judicial review

Press Release – New Zealand Council of Trade Unions

The Council of Trade Unions is supporting the application filed by two of the Pike families to review the decision not to continue the prosecution against Pike River Mine CEO Peter Whittall. Read more »

Closing the Gap on Jobs

Press Release – Closing The Gap

Inequality is the biggest problem facing New Zealand at the present time says Peter Malcolm National Secretary of Closing the Gap. It underlies many of our social ills, poverty, lack of trust, an economy that could do much better, and a poor uptake … Read more »

Sexy Summer Jobs Initiative Creates Opportunities

Press Release – Dunedin City Council

Dunedin (Friday, 12 September 2014) Dunedins successful summer internship programme is underway again, with a speed dating-style event for students and businesses being held at the Otago Polytechnic next week. Read more »

New Health and Safety Association Launched

Press Release – Health and Safety Association of New Zealand

A new umbrella association for workplace health and safety professions in New Zealand has been established. The Health and Safety Association of New Zealand (HASANZ) was launched on 10 September 2014 in Auckland by George Adams, Chair of the Independent … Read more »

Paramedics in NZ jump at opportunity of London career

Press Release – London Ambulance Service

Paramedics hoping for a chance to work for the worlds busiest ambulance service – will be interviewed and assessed by a team from London Ambulance Service this week (12-13 September) in New Zealand. Read more »

Outlook: lack of wage growth & unemployment above 5%

Press Release – Council of Trade Unions

The Reserve Banks forecasts show an economy that offers little hope of fair wage increases and falls in unemployment to pre-GFC levels under current policies, says CTU Economist, Bill Rosenberg. It says wage growth is subdued and held … Read more »

Registered Master Builders Appoints new Chief Executive

Press Release – Registered Master Builders Association

Registered Master Builders Appoints new Chief Executive The Boards of the Registered Master Builders Association (RMBA) and Master Build Services Ltd (MBS) are pleased to announce the appointment of David Kelly as their new Chief Executive. RMBA Chairman … Read more »

Security Guards in the Firing Line

Press Release – New Zealand Labour Party

The devastating events in Ashburton last week have highlighted the role of security guards in NZ life. Read more »

National launches Primary Industries policy

Press Release – New Zealand National Party

Nationals Primary Industries policy released today has a strong focus on creating jobs and driving the New Zealand economy forward, says spokesman Nathan Guy. National has set an ambitious goal of doubling the value of our primary sector exports by … Read more »

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