Household consumer concerns confirmed

Press Release – International Energy Agency

The International Energy Agencys 2017 review of New Zealands energy policies confirms that household electricity prices have risen much faster than in other IEA countries. By 2014, prices were well above IEA average, while industrial prices are … Read more »

International Energy Agency’s recommendations a mixed bag

Press Release – Energy Trusts of NZ

The International Energy Agencys recent review of New Zealands energy policies is a mixed bag according to Chair of the Energy Trusts of New Zealand, Karen Sherry. Read more »

World first initiative to power energy innovation

Press Release – Joint Media Statement

A groundbreaking collaboration between Simply Group, Counties Power, Callaghan Innovation, and Creative HQ will unlock half-hour electricity data for the first time, to promote research and innovation. Read more »

Lights on Broadway – February 2017

Press Release – Stratford District Council

The recent installation of LED lighting under the prominent trees framing the southern entrance to town uses coloured gels which can be changed to suit events or campaigns being run at the time. Read more »

Port Hills Fire Update 1pm – Fire overview

Press Release – Christchurch City Council

Fire crews continued patrolling the fire scene last night, focusing on dampening down hotspots at Christchurch Adventure Park. Crew are also focusing on hotspots in the Early Valley Road, Hoon Hay Valley Road and Worsleys Spur area with a 40-50% … Read more »

National cooking the planet with gas

Press Release – Green Party

National is not taking seriously its responsibility to protect future generations and eliminate climate-damaging pollution, despite its high-profile commitment last year to the Paris Climate agreement, the Green Party said today. Read more »

Port Hills Fire update – Power Supply

Press Release – Christchurch City Council

Orion reports that around 22 customers remain without power in the Port Hills. These outages are focused around Hoon Hay Valley Road, Burkes Bush, Marleys Hill and Worsleys Road. Read more »

Lighting the way to a greener future

Press Release – Ports of Auckland

As part of its drive to become New Zealands most sustainable port, Ports of Auckland is installing LED floodlighting, the first New Zealand port to do so. Read more »

Progress with power restoration

Press Release – Orion New Zealand Limited

Orion has made good progress with the restoration of services to homes and businesses affected by the Port Hills fires. Read more »

Orion starts recovery process

Press Release – Orion New Zealand Limited

Orion reports that its network has suffered no further impacts from the Port Hills fire overnight and it is moving into recovery mode today. Read more »

Orion continues to manage power supply

Press Release – Orion New Zealand Limited

Orion continues to closely monitor Christchurch’s power supply and respond to any issues arising as a result of the fires continuing in the Port Hills. Read more »

Power outages in Christchurch

Press Release – New Zealand Police

Christchurch residents are advised to look out for each other and take extra care in power outages understood to be affecting the northern, eastern and central city. Read more »

Orion services further impacted by Port Hills fire

Press Release – Orion New Zealand Limited

The Port Hills fire has further impacted power supply to parts of eastern Christchurch, affecting 89,000 customers. Read more »

An upside to fewer beach days

Press Release – Electricity Authority

While parts of New Zealand had a record low number of beach days this January, the slow start to summer is showing up positively in the Electricity Authoritys hydrology graphs. Read more »

Orion services affected by Port Hills fire

Press Release – Orion New Zealand Limited

Around 19 power poles have been significantly damaged in Early Valley Road, at the back of Tai Tapu Valley in the Halswell area, and 31 customers are without power. Read more »

Want to quit your job and travel the world?

Press Release –

Are you telling Google I hate my job every day? Maybe there is a way out Take a cue from the two guys behind glimp. They are now doing what they love — building an awesome website and helping you save some cash. Read more »

Higher dividends in prospect on Contact Energy debt ratios

Article – BusinessDesk

Feb. 13 (BusinessDesk) – Contact Energy shareholders can expect an increase in annual dividend policy later in the current financial year as the electricity producer and retailer’s debt levels fall to within its target ratio against operating earnings. Read more »

Contact EBITDAF up 3%, despite subdued electricity demand

Press Release – Contact Energy

The first half of the 2017 financial year (1H17) saw Contact modestly grow earnings with continued improvements in retail operating performance and an increase in the proportion of renewable generation. In a competitive market, delivering strong operational … Read more »

Trustpower sees small gain for 2017 earnings

Article – BusinessDesk

Feb. 10 (BusinessDesk) – Trustpower says 2017 earnings will be a slight improvement on the previous year when it reported a 38 percent fall in annual profit to $90 million. Read more »

350 submission today to CC council electricity purchase

Press Release – 350 Christchurch

Below is the submission to the Christchurch City Council presented by Charles Drace on behalf of Christchurch on Thursday, Feb 9, 2017. Read more »

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