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The True Cost Of Cheap Hosting

Press Release –

Web hosting is important for your website. Full stop. To have a better grasp of what this means, here’s a simple explanation: Your website is like a house, and before you even start building your home, you need to find a nice piece of land for your … Read more »

Managing Your Risk When You Need It Most: Five Important Questions Kiwis Are Asking

Press Release – Financial Services Council

The last few weeks has seen our day to day lives turned upside down as Covid-19 has gone from a distant news headline to the new norm for all of us. Richard Klipin, Chief Executive of the Financial Services Council, said Theres no denying that … Read more »

Telco Industry Advises New Zealanders To Take Care With DIY During Covid-19 Lockdown

Press Release – NZ Telecommunications Forum – TCF

The New Zealand Telecommunications Forum (TCF) is reminding New Zealanders looking to get into the garden, or tackle outdoor home maintenance chores, to be careful where they dig. During Covid-19 lockdown, many Kiwis who are confined to their … Read more »

Kiwi Households Could Lose $10,000 Of Yearly Income From Covid-19 Lockdown, New Report Says

Press Release – The New Zealand Initiative

Wellington, 3 April – If New Zealand cant recover from the economic heart attack of self-imposed lockdown, it could face GDP losses at Great Depression levels, according to a New Zealand Initiative research note. While the Covid-19 pandemic … Read more »

Wellington City Council’s Borrowing Plans Are Immoral

Press Release – New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union

Wellington Mayor Andy Fosters plan to cover revenue shortfalls through borrowing without cutting low priority spending is immoral, says the New Zealand Taxpayers Union . Businesses and households across the country are meeting financial challenges … Read more »

Free Web Series To Help Businesses Get Through

Press Release – EMA

The EMA in partnership with ATEED and the Regional Business Partner Network has this week launched a free web series to help all businesses get through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. The combination of videos and live webinars this week featured … Read more »

QBE Announces Measures To Support SME Customers Impacted By Covid-19

Press Release – QBE

QBE Insurance (QBE) today announced measures to support small and medium business (SME) customers in Australia and New Zealand impacted by COVID-19. The announcement follows industry-wide discussion and regulatory approval for the initiatives from Read more »

Govt’s COVID plan, economic strength recognised

Press Release – New Zealand Government

The Governments plan to cushion the blow of COVID-19 by supporting incomes, jobs and businesses, and position the economy to recover has been backed by another international report. Read more »

Regional Council Salutes Bus Drivers

Press Release – Hawkes Bay Regional Council

Hawkes Bay Regional Council Chair Rex Graham and Regional Transport Committee Chair Martin Williams say we should all salute our Go Bus drivers for their commitment to the cause, helping the region deliver essential services. There are many people … Read more »

New Zealanders rely on internet and phones to stay connected

Press Release – Vodafone

Were continuing to see significant increases in calls and data on the Vodafone networks as we head into the second weekend of level 4 lockdown. Read more »

Concision OSM House Wins Timber Design Award

Press Release – Concision

A house built by Concision off-site manufacturing has won the Engineered Wood Products Innovation Award at the Wood Process and Manufacturers Association (WPMA) and NZ Wood Resene Timber Design Awards. The innovative 90m2 3-bedroom prefabricated house … Read more »

Call To Bring Forward Cyclist Passing Gap Following Death

Press Release – NZ School Speeds

Just after midday a cyclist was killed on a straight road on a clear day, after being hit by a van in North Canterbury. Lucinda Rees from NZ School Speeds is asking for the mandatory cyclist/vulnerable road user passing gap, which is in consultation, … Read more »

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