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Op-Ed: Why the Clutha conversation matters

Opinion – Neil Gillespie

Everybody wants and needs electricity. Most of us agree that our electricity should be clean and renewable. So how do we as a country best deliver the clean, reliable supplies of electricity to power our long-term energy future? How do we ensure the …
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Sludge Report #190: The Band-aid Budget

Column – C.D. Sludge

The headline numbers out of today’s budget will scare no horses. And hopefully not the Standard and Poors’ examiners anyway. And afterall that was – according to the PM John Key – the plan.
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Eco-Economy: There is No Alternative

Column – Finlay Thompson

The Reserve Bank will want to raise interest rates yet again. Inflation is lurking everywhere and our over-heating economy will be in need of the wet blanket again. Governor Don Brash will stand at the podium and announce seven percent interest, …
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Scoop Audio: RBNZ MPS Presser 4 Dec. 08

Reserve Bank Governor Dr Alan Bollard was bullish in his assessment of the resilience of the NZ economy in the face of the ongoing global financial crisis today.
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Letter from the Poor to Murray McCully

Is the New Zealand representative at the UN General Assembly’s discussions on the Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights able to make mention of the fact that the Optional Protocol (OP) does not …
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Consultation On Waterfront Plans To Be Cut Short

Just days before councillors are due to debate major amendments to the city’s District Plan, the Wellington City Council has released 79 pages of documents about the proposed changes .
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Deals and Lethal Shoppers: Black Friday in the USA

When Wal-Mart becomes the scene of death for America’s frantic burghers, things must be getting desperate in the world’s largest economy. Black Friday, that opportune moment for America’s deranged shopper to expunge any available cash prior to Christmas, …
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Interest Rate Cuts Fail When Applied in Isolation

Repeated reductions in interest rates do little to resolve underlying economic issues. Instead, any strategy that will overcome the impending volatility of 2009 must tightly coordinate several key growth drivers.
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Audio: PM John Key On Airbus Tragedy

This afternoon New Zealand Prime Minister John Key held a short press conference in which he offered his condolences to the family’s of the New Zealand air crew who died in the crash in involving an Air New Zealand Air bus that was leased to XL Airways …
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Scoop Audio: Air NZ On Airbus Crash: 10:30am 28/11

In a conference call this morning Air New Zealand CEO Rob Fyfe updated media on the Airbus A320 crash in the Mediterranian. Onboard the aircraft were four Air New Zealand personel – a senior captian and three engineers.
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Basin Reserve Flyover: A New Campaign Is Born

On television earlier in the evening, Wellington city councillor John Morrison, speaking as chairman of the Basin Reserve Trust, referred to them obscurely as “Johnny come latelys.”
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Kiwibank Cuts Home Loan Interest Rates

Kiwibank has today cut its variable home loan rate to 7.95% to stay significantly less than the big Australian-owned banks.
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