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KiwiSaver Adviser Releases KiwiSaver Basics In Te Reo Māori For Te Wiki O Te Reo Māori

Press Release – National Capital

Ko tnei te wiki o te reo Mori. As part of Mori language week, KiwiSaver Adviser National Capital has published Te Tranga o KiwiSaver , a KiwiSaver Basics Guide with Te Reo Mori translations to help with the revitalization of Te Reo Mori …

Ko tēnei te wiki o te reo Māori. As part of Māori language week, KiwiSaver Adviser National Capital has published Te Tūranga o KiwiSaver, a KiwiSaver Basics Guide with Te Reo Māori translations to help with the revitalization of Te Reo Māori and provide access to it’s clients with basic information on KiwiSaver that Te Ao Māori should acquire.

National Capital was founded in 2018, and formed on the three Māori principles of Pūataata (transparency), Tikanga (ethics), and Taurikura (prosperity). The company provides Kiwis with free personalized independent advice on their KiwiSaver funds with the ultimate goal of helping Kiwis become more financially secure.

“We believe that business is more than just a commercial enterprise. It is an integral part of the community. We have a long way to go to achieve the type of inclusion in Financial Advice that we aspire towards, but recognize that this will be a journey of small steps.” says Clive Fernandes, director of National Capital.

More than 1 in 6 Māori adults can speak te reo Māori well, and nearly 3 in 6 Māori said they could understand the language fairly well. With these statistics it is clear that financial information should be made accessible for Māori in their native tongue to encourage greater financial awareness, help improve financial literacy and understanding, and ultimately help enhance retirement and first home savings for te ao Māori.

KiwiSaver has been around for 15 years, and out of the 30 KiwiSaver Providers only Simplicity has published their most important document, the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), in full English and Te Reo Māori.

Te Tūranga o KiwiSaver outlines the foundations of KiwiSaver, with the intent to help improve Māori understanding of the importance of this savings scheme. Additionally, National Capital aims to create discussions around future financial strategies to help the Māori community.

National Capital recommends the most appropriate fund and provider for their clients needs. Their KiwiSaver HealthCheck encourages those who may not have thought to seek financial advice or explore their investment options.

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