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Graham Norton Launches New Sparkling Rosé As Prosecco Sales Soar

Press Release – Invivo Wines New Zealand

Graham Norton and Invivo announce the launch of a new sparkling ros wine from Italy, set to arrive in New Zealand just in time for summer. The new pink bubbly – a collaboration between Graham Norton and Kiwi wine company Invivo & Co …

Graham Norton and Invivo announce the launch of a new sparkling rosé wine from Italy, set to arrive in New Zealand just in time for summer.

The new pink bubbly – a collaboration between Graham Norton and Kiwi wine company Invivo & Co – has been made in response to the growing numbers of Kiwis seeking an affordable, quality sparkling wine, and is a welcome partner to the already-popular Graham Norton’s Own Prosecco.

Graham Norton’s Own Italian Sparkling Rosé’, the fifth addition to Graham Norton’s Own award-winning range of still and sparkling wines, is made with the Glera grape (otherwise known as the ‘Prosecco’ grape), and is grown and produced in the same way as Prosecco. It has been blended with 15% Pinot Noir grapes to make a lighter, drier, style of sparkling rosé wine.

Television and radio personality, author and wine connoisseur, Graham Norton officially formulated his new fizz with Invivo & Co earlier this year.

Invivo Cofounder Tim Lightbourne comments “Our customers have been very excited about the arrival of the Graham Norton sparkling rosé for our New Zealand summer, particularly on the back of the growth on the Graham Norton Prosecco!

The sparkling is made by our same Italian partners to ensure consistent quality and style.”

Like its twin, the white Prosecco, ‘Graham Norton’s Own Italian Sparkling Rosé’ is crisp, fresh and delicately structured. It has a delicate strawberry drive throughout thanks to the addition of Pinot Noir in the winemaking and is well-balanced. The light berry-fruit notes combine with sweetly scented notes of tropical flowers to make a delicious tipple that is the perfect compliment to the Kiwi summer, and a slightly lighter option at 11% ABV. The sparkling rosé is made sustainably with Invivo & Co’s Prosecco producer partners in Italy and is vegan friendly.

Kiwis have responded in their masses to the launch of Graham Norton’s Own Prosecco, released in 2018; sales increased by more than 60% in 2020 and by 212% in New Zealand in 2019.

Invivo & Co Cofounder Tim Lightbourne comments “Over the past two years we have seen phenomenal growth of Graham Norton’s Own Prosecco and think that the upwards trend will continue as more Kiwis discover light and dry styles of sparkling wine that are affordable. At Invivo we are always seeking to innovate and drive future trends so we’re very excited to bring one of the very first sparkling rosé wines from Italy to New Zealand, made in partnership with Graham Norton. Our new wine taps into the growing popularity of Prosecco and also the emerging trend of Kiwis looking for pink drinks and dry styles of rosé wine. We’re excited to see Kiwis drinking it this summer and are delighted that Graham Norton’s Own wine and spirits range is continuing to grow in popularity in our home country.”

Prosecco is one of the great success stories of Italian wine. The ISWR’s 2018 report situated Prosecco as driving a substantial 90% growth in the UK between 2011 and 2021.According to Nielsen, sales of Prosecco in New Zealand have increased by more than 40 percent over the past year and it is believed that the country is still 12-24 months away from peak consumption, matching levels currently found in the UK.

UK sales of sparkling rosé wine across the New and Old Worlds, excluding Champagne, reached £82m in the year to June 2020, up from £67m two years prior (Nielson).

Graham Norton and Invivo & Co already produce a Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand Rosé, Aussie Shiraz and a Prosecco from Italy that are growing exponentially here in New Zealand, the UK and Ireland. The partners are celebrating producing their 10 millionth bottle of wine this year since their partnership began in 2014, and they also produce two gins (one Pink and one Irish) in collaboration with a boutique distillery in West Cork in Ireland under the Graham Norton’s Own Wine and Spirits brand.

A shareholder and board member of the Invivo brand, Graham Norton is involved in every step of the formulation of his wines and has personally blended his Own Sauvignon Blanc, Rosé, Shiraz and GN Prosecco which, over the past six years, have won over 50 medals including four trophies from the UK’s People’s Choice Awards, Gold at the Global Sauvignon Masters and Gold at the Prosecco Masters.

‘Graham Norton’s Own Italian Sparkling Rosé’ will be available in stores nationwide this week, including Glengarry and LiquorKing, priced at $19.99. It will also be available at pubs, bars and restaurants throughout the country and available via the Invivo store:

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