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Top 10 streaming debuts of Q4 2019

Press Release – Parrot Analytics

Apple TV+ series accounted for 6 of the top 10 streaming debuts of Q4 2019Apple TV+ series accounted for 6 of the top 10 streaming debuts of Q4 2019

Apple CEO Tim Cook commented Tuesday that the Apple TV+ streaming service is “off to a rousing start.”

While Apple did not release any figures, Parrot Analytics has compiled audience demand data to back up his assertion.

Apple TV+ Original series accounted for 6 of the top 10 Digital Original debuts with American audiences in Q4 2019.

The following table breaks down the top 10 streaming debuts of the quarter with US audiences – defined as the average audience demand for a new series’ 30-day premiere range, indexed against the demand of the average show in the US.

Top Streaming Debuts – US Q4 2019
Rank Title 30-day Post-Premiere Demand Index Original Platform
1 The Witcher 106.7x Netflix
2 The Mandalorian 99.2x Disney+
3 Harley Quinn 27.7x DC Universe
4 Truth Be Told 26.5x Apple TV+
5 Servant 22.1x Apple TV+
6 See 22.0x Apple TV+
7 For All Mankind 19.7x Apple TV+
8 Raising Dion 18.5x Netflix
9 Dickinson 18.2x Apple TV+
10 The Morning Show 16.5x Apple TV+
While Netflix’s The Witcher and Disney+’s The Mandalorian were the top debuts by far, the table shows how consistently Apple TV+ Originals delivered strong audience demand in the world’s most important entertainment market.

This is particularly impressive considering the top three debuts came from well-established and beloved pre-existing IP with global fanbases.

The new streamer’s sixth best-performing debut series – SAG Award-winning The Morning Show – was still 16.5x more in demand over its 30 day premiere period than the average TV series with US audiences.

Parrot Analytics will reveal more about the performances and market shares of Apple TV+ and Disney+ in our upcoming 2019 Global TV Demand Report.

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