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Restraining millenial talent often linked to business owner

Press Release – AJ Smith

Why say you are always looking to hire the best if you have no intention of then using that talent once they are hired?Restraining millenial talent often linked to business owner identity.

Why say you are always looking to ‘hire the best’ if you have no intention of then using that talent once they are hired?

That’s the central tennant of AJ Smith, global fin-tech entrepreneur who has been appearing recnetly in televised and online leadership initiative, Leaders Review.

“When a busines becomes too personal, its almost like it becomes you’re own enemy because you won’t let anyone else in.”

‘Often we try to limit the talent we hire to our capacity (as business owners)…what we know, or what we think we know…Not using that talent for what they were hired for – developing new ideas and driving new innovations.”

With over 40 companies globally including local off-shoot VerifyUnion NZ, the native South African speaks from a well-worn developmental strategy for start-ups:
“We sometimes don’t want to let that go because we (as business owners) are the rain-makers – and if its not coming from us, then its probably not right.”

“Its so easy to say ‘I’ve got the right recipe now – just stick with this plan’…Anyone who comes into the business later on, finds its hard to break down those barriers.”

“It doesn’t work that way. There’s new innovation needed, new technology comes along…there’s disruption. You can’t say, ‘this recipe’ works now so it then works forever – You need fresh blood to come and help you out of that mould.”

Mr Smith expanded on how its wasn’t all ‘millenial anarchy’ to the fore either, alluding to formal innovation processes…“But the mindset should be that if we do something and break it (the employee) is then not out of work.”

“Restricting them you are then removing your own value (as a business owner).

To grow that talent (and) not see them as a threat – you can grow the business so much faster.”

AJ Smith has also appeared in the series, commenting on the need to use the
NZ brand better in order to attract much needed international IT talent to our shores.

What: Leaders Review Focus Points (2018 series). Short-form video series of public service videos for business, by invited New Zealand business leaders (televised and online).

Where/When: On-demand at as well as series signature TVC spots broadcast on TV Three throughout the year, often leading the breaks just before the 7AM National News bulletin during the “AM Show”.


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