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Youth Hazardous Drinking Rates Continue to Fall

Press Release – Spirits New Zealand

Joint Statement Youth Hazardous Drinking Rates Continue to Fall – Health Ministry Survey Confirms 20 November 2017Joint Statement
Youth Hazardous Drinking Rates Continue to Fall –
Health Ministry Survey Confirms
20 November 2017

For Immediate Release

A just released Ministry of Health survey confirms that hazardous drinking amongst younger consumers has fallen by almost five percent compared with previous surveys.

Speaking on behalf of Spirits New Zealand, New Zealand Winegrowers and the Brewers’ Association of New Zealand, Spirits NZ Chief Executive Robert Brewer said this was great news but there was still work to be done as younger drinkers remained over-represented in the statistics.

“The other good news is that all age groups surveyed show either a fall or a plateauing in hazardous drinking compared with the last survey done in 2015/16,” says Brewer.

“And the overall rate of hazardous consumption has fallen from 20.8% to 19.5% reversing the last survey’s reported rise.”

The fall in youth hazardous drinking continues the downward trend seen over a number of years.
“There is no doubt that more and more younger consumers are choosing to drink moderately and responsibly. The real challenge however is to ensure this trend not only continues but accelerates,” says Brewer.

“This can only be achieved by targeted programmes which understand and amplify the reasons why younger drinkers are choosing to drink better. The industry-funded social change charityCheers! is actively engaged in doing just this,” he says.

“The overall message is pretty clear – to be healthy we have to eat well, stay active and – if we choose to drink – drink moderately.”


Editors’ note
1. The Ministry of Health data can be found here –
2. Cheers! is a joint industry-funded charity established in 2012 with the objective of helping to create a moderate drinking culture by providing the facts, tools and experiences to help drinkers stay safe and sociable when they’re drinking. Cheers! is funded by the Brewers Association, Spirits New Zealand and New Zealand Winegrowers. Go to for more information.

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