HELP Auckland offers support for Rewa victims

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Press coverage of Rewa case needs to include access to support for his victims to prevent further traumatisation



With the news that serial rapist Malcolm Rewa may be tried for the murder of Susan Burdette, sexual abuse support agency HELP is letting the 27 survivors he raped know that if they are triggered by widespread media coverage, 24/7 help is available to them.

“This can be an incredibly difficult time for those who have lived with the pain of what Rewa did to them.”, says Sylvia Yandall, Crisis Services Manager at HELP. “Rewa’s victims live with constant dread and fear that he will be back in the community. Seeing pictures in the press of Rewa as he looked back then , can bring what happened to them flooding back as if it just happened recently and not 20 years ago.”.

Sylvia wants all survivors who are feeling triggered or concerned, to know that support is available any time they need it. “Anyone in Auckland can ring us 24/7 on 09 623 1700. We’re available for all survivors and their friends and family who might be feeling disturbed or distressed.”

In addition, anyone outside of Auckland are able to call Rape Crisis on 0800 88 33 00, and young women can find online support at



HELP Auckland is an Auckland-based not-for profit working to end sexual abuse in New Zealand for good. HELP provides crisis and therapy services, covering a population of 1 million. Sadly, sexual abuse is all too common in NZ, with 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 7 boys likely to be sexually abused before their 16th birthday, and 20% of women having experienced a serious sexual assault.

HELP provides a 24/7 crisis line and emergency call-out service for recent assaults, police interviews and medical examinations. HELP’s counsellors give face-to-face individual & family therapy for children and families, teenagers, and women. HELP’s counsellors supports survivors during the justice process, and also during restorative justice processes.

HELP have recently launched for young women for 13 to 18 year old girls. Em is a campaign to empower girls, featuring interviews with girls and women talking about how they got through tough times. It helps them to connect with loved ones and embrace their strengths. It also includes info about how to cope after sexual abuse for the 1 in 3 girls who may be sexually abused.

HELP is also passionate about preventing sexual abuse. Small children are particularly vulnerable to sexual abuse. Our flagship programme, We Can Keep Safe, teaches children how to stay safe from sexual abuse, and their caregivers how to keep their children safe.

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