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New Zealand’s #1 TV Shopping Channel Debuts Across Tasman

Press Release – Yesshop

New Zealands number one TV shopping channel, YESSHOP has officially gone live today on Australian television screens on the Foxtel pay TV platform Channel 180 .29 February 2016

New Zealand’s #1 TV Shopping Channel Debuts Across Tasman

YESSHOP Goes Live Today Taking on Aussie TV Shopping Turf

New Zealand’s number one TV shopping channel, YESSHOP has officially gone live today on Australian television screens on the Foxtel pay TV platform Channel 180.

It’s the first dedicated 24/7 television channel to broadcast live into Australia from a New Zealand studio and an important milestone for Kiwi television shopping as YESSHOP spreads its popularity across the Tasman.

No minnow, YESSHOP has links to the world’s largest TV and online shopping giants, the Korean Hyundai Home Shopping Network after signing a groundbreaking supply agreement last year with H-Mall, part of one of the world’s largest omni-channel retailers.

“It’s great news particularly for the SME little guys here who now have access to powerful and proven marketing grunt reaching 10.5 million+ viewers through H-Mall and 2.8 million Foxtel subscribing homes – coverage that was previously the preserve of big business with budgets to match” says Phill Dodds, Head of TV Production at YESSHOP.

Although it’s the new kid on the block in Australia, here in New Zealand YESSHOP has earnt its stripes over the last two years since it launched by pulling in big ratings according to Nielsen figures.

Dodds believes they’ve got the recipe right to crack Australia.

It helps too that the presenting line-up includes a few recognisable faces that have aired on Australian screens already like Mike Puru host of popular TV series ‘The Bachelor’ and the Kiwi heart throb himself, Art Green – who was watched by 900,000 viewers in one episode alone smashing all previous ratings records.

YESSHOP is a TV shopping blueprint of ubiquitous marketing matched by a mighty inventory. It’s a win-win for both consumers and vendors alike says the Head of Production and he has the results to prove it – one company, Pestfree reported a 117% spike in sales compared to the previous year, attributing the result directly to YESSHOP.

Whether shoppers are watching YESSHOP TV after the school run, at the gym checking out the latest hot deal on its mobile app, ringing the call centre to place an order or clicking through to a voucher promo on its Facebook platform – they get 24/7 access to shop to their hearts content how they want it, where they want it and when they want it.

The TV shopping channel’s unique live format means it can respond instantly to market demand and interact with viewers in real-time which it predicts will further enhance the viewing experience and contact centre responsiveness.

Its music to the ears for SME vendors Dodds believes due to its ability to package an ‘omni offering’ cost effectively which saves hundreds of thousands of dollars in warehousing, distributing and marketing costs. He believes once word spreads in SME circles in both countries YESSHOP will be welcomed into the arsenal of the little guy battling the big box retailers.

“We appreciate the resourcing needs and economic realities of all SMEs based on both sides of the Tasman. We understand their important role in the economy both from an employment and value generation perspective. Our team at YESSHOP is looking forward to being the bridge for shoppers and sellers across Australasia wanting to take advantage of our exclusive collaboration with H-Mall.”

YESSHOP TV channel airs in New Zealand on Sky (pay TV) channel 26 and Freeview (free-to-air) channel 21.


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