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Press Release – PIFT

In regards to the outsourcing of Maori and Pacific programming at TVNZ. Reference TVNZ release Thursday 23rd October.TVNZ Outsourcing
PIFT (Pacific Islanders in Film and TV)
Friday 31st October 2014

In regards to the outsourcing of Maori and Pacific programming at TVNZ. Reference TVNZ release Thursday 23rd October.

There have been a number of views expressed from other organisations and PIFT in large part supports these and recognises the uncertainty created by the move.
You can find some useful links at the Pacific Freedom Forum on the subject.

PIFT seeks more detailed explanations of the outsourcing process, criteria from funders and TVNZ, and the release of RFP’s.

PIFT strongly suggests that the production companies who may take up the outsourced production of these Pasifika programmes be Pasifika companies running within a kaupapa Pasifika framework.

PIFT would like to emphasise that Pacific communities are an integral part of New Zealand society and we would like to see Pacific content valued more within our largest broadcasting organisation.

PIFT seeks assurance that Pacific content and programming will continue and grow.

PIFT suggests that there needs to be a Pacific Strategy put in place to ensure fair spread of Pacific programming, inclusion and representation.

This may be aligned to NZOA’s own Pacific Strategy and may help facilitate TVNZ’s obligation to reflect New Zealand’s unique cultural identity and diversity on screen.

Included in this strategy PIFT would like to see integration of Pasifika personnel, managers and programme makers aligned to the organisation. We would like to see the celebration of diversity built into the leadership structures of the organisation.

PIFT notes that there is no recognised kaitiaki or Tu’ua for Pasifika Communities at TVNZ.

PIFT would like to wish the staff of Tagata Pasifika, Fresh, Waka Huia and Marae all the best at this time and are optimistic of the outcomes.
PIFT calls on the community to voice their opinions and ask for more Pacific content on our airways and within our broadcasting organisations.
Community Meeting
You are invited to a community meeting to discuss some of the issues highlighted above.

This is facilitated by PIMA (Pacific Islands Media Association) and supported by PIFT (Pacific Islanders in Film and TV) and PFF (Pacific Freedom Forum) on:

Thursday 6th November at 630pm – 830pm
The Fickling Centre
546 Mt Albert Rd,
Three Kings

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