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“Is This The Right Time To Get Into Gold?”

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Todays AM fix was USD 1,245.25, EUR 915.29 and GBP 763.07 per ounce. Yesterdays AM fix was USD 1,241.75, EUR 913.12 and GBP 760.46 per ounce.

“Is This The Right Time To Get Into Gold?”
Today’s AM fix was USD 1,245.25, EUR 915.29 and GBP 763.07 per ounce.
Yesterday’s AM fix was USD 1,241.75, EUR 913.12 and GBP 760.46 per ounce.

Yesterday the markets were closed in the U.S. for the Thanksgiving national holiday.

The closing fix in London was USD 1,245.50, EUR 915.54 and GBP 761.59 per ounce.

Gold continued its second day of gains in London, narrowing the largest monthly drop since June, as physical demand increased. Gold neared a 34-month low of $1,180.50/oz reached on June 28.

Gold in U.S. Dollars – 1 Week

There is a way that one can invest in or buy gold and sleep easy at night knowing that you do not have to be concerned about price falls. There are rarely free lunches in life, and that is particularly true when it comes to investing and saving.

However, there are two free lunches when it comes to investing. They are diversification or not having all your eggs in one basket and secondly a less well known but important strategy –
Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA).

Once you have learned about the power of dollar cost averaging you will be a better investor and a better gold investor and buyer.

Dollar-cost averaging or pound or euro cost averaging means putting the same amount of dollars, pounds or euros each month into an investment or asset, such as equities or gold. That is all it is.
Why put your hard earned cash into physical gold every month?

Because gold, while having bad days — even bad years as we see this year — goes up over time. When you accumulate a set amount — say 100 dollars, pounds or euros per month — your paper currency will buy you fewer ounces of gold when gold prices have risen, and more ounces of gold when gold prices are lower.
When you put dollar-cost averaging to work, you can relax, knowing that you don’t have to track or time the market – which even the professionals consistently fail to do.

Buying gold in a falling market sounds easy, but most people don’t have the stomach to do it. This has been seen graphically seen in recent months – particularly in western markets where sentiment is negative towards gold.

In fact, the gold market like many traded markets is the only place where people seem to get more interested when the prices are rising sharply. They are less interested when gold is “on sale” after falls in price.

This was graphically shown in 2011, when despite gold becoming overvalued when it surged from $1,500/oz on July 1st to over $1,900/oz on August 28th or 26.6% in less than two months.

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