Getting Bogged Down In The Bowen Basin No Longer A Problem

Press Release – Geoimage Pty Ltd

Getting Bogged Down In The Bowen Basin Is No Longer A Problem As Geoimage Launches New Product
Press Release

Getting Bogged Down In The Bowen Basin Is No Longer A Problem As Geoimage Launches New Product

Geoimage formally launches the first of the Boggy Index series – a soil moisture vulnerability index over the Bowen Basin in Queensland.

Surface moisture conditions impact movement and access to key sites for operators using heavy machinery or requiring pipeline stability. The Boggy Index, derived from climate, topography and satellite imagery layers, has been generated to help determine the suitability of land uses and the risk of saturated soils in times of above average or persistent rainfall.

Understanding which areas are susceptible to becoming boggy under different climatic conditions is critical for infrastructure development. The Bowen Basin area is currently undergoing extensive development from linear infrastructure planning, construction, mining, and exploration to traditional agricultural and pastoral farm operations. The Boggy Index provides a picture of which sites in the Bowen Basin are free of soil moisture vulnerability, which sites quickly drain away after above average rain, and which sites are highly vulnerable to ‘boggy conditions’ under different rainfall scenarios.

The Boggy Index product provides Bogginess values based on satellite imagery captured between 2000 and 2011. Dates for assessment were selected on the relationship to climatic conditions prior to satellite image acquisition and cross-referenced with 33 representative Bureau of Meteorology weather stations across the Bowen Basin. The climate scenarios were then assessed against Elevation, Slope, Moisture response, Clay response and Soil porosity parameters.

The Boggy Index – Bowen Basin is ideal as a backdrop dataset for feasibility analysis or site access selection and as a contextual overview of relative soil moisture over the entire Bowen Basin area.¬ The product is purchased on a per basis, clipped to a localised specific area of interest or over the entire Basin, and is available immediately.

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