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Ecopoint are pleased to announce the addition of a new lightbulb, the LEDisong, to their comprehensive range of top quality, environmentally friendly LED lighting solutions.News Release 18 February 2012

New Ecopoint LED Bulb A Revolution For Energy Efficient Lighting

Ecopoint are pleased to announce the addition of a new lightbulb, the LEDisong, to their comprehensive range of top quality, environmentally friendly LED lighting solutions.

The LEDisong promises to revolutionise the energy efficient light bulb market. These bulbs are the first energy efficient light bulb that look and feel like a traditional light bulb, unlike the curly CFL bulbs which are awkward, ugly and slow to warm up. The LEDisong is brighter than the average energy efficient lightbulb, uses much less power, fits into any light fitting and turn on instantly.

Paul Wilton, Ecopoint’s founder and director, said: “We are incredibly thrilled to have added this product to our ecoLED range. It is truly a game changer in the sense that no changes need to be made to a light fitting, the bulb fits straight in. Then there is the fact that this bulb produces a much brighter light than other so called energy efficient curly bulbs, all while drawing less power. It doesn’t get much better!

The LEDisong bulb is available in four different bulbs: traditional, candle, R80 and R95. They save up to 95% energy, and like all Ecopoint products, they come with a five year warranty; other bulbs, including curly CFL bulbs and traditional bulbs, carry no warranty. To put their energy efficiency benefits into perspective, to run a 100W bulb for 12 months for 5.5 hrs/day @ $0.22c/kw it costs $44.00pa, while the cost of running a new LEDisong bulb in the same typical domestic setting is $2.86 pa. Like Ecopoint’s other LED lighting solutions, the LEDisong boasts an ultra long life: when used for 5.5 hours per day, the LEDisong bulb will last for 25 years.

This bulb is an exciting development as it has a wide use of applications. Domestic users in the residential market will be keen to get their hands on an energy efficient lightbulb that looks good and doesn’t require an electrician to install or change light fittings.

Ecopoint is a Wellington-based, New Zealand owned company that specialises in the manufacture and supply of top quality, energy efficient, LED lighting solutions. The LEDisong joins Ecopoint’s range of LED lighting solutions which comprises tubes; including those designed specifically for refrigeration, flood lights, high bays, low bays and panels. All of Ecopoint’s ecoLED range is mercury and UV free, RoHS compliant and approved to Australia and New Zealand safety standards. Additionally, all of their lights are 100% recyclable.

“We are really excited that we are able to provide a product like the LEDisong. This bulb meets every criteria; it looks like a bulb should, provides good light, is low maintenance and cheap to run. We are confident that consumers; whether they are looking for the best deal or simply want to be sustainable and environmentally friendly, will reach for the LEDisong,” Paul Wilton said.

About Ecopoint:

Established in 2005, Ecopoint is 100% New Zealand owned and operated company that specialises in the manufacture and supply of energy efficient and environmentally friendly LED lighting solutions. Based out of Wellington, Ecopoint products are sold through distributors in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia plus we also supply OEM refrigeration manufacturers in Indonesia and China.

Ecopoint’s range of ecoLED lamps & luminaires leads the way with proven, sustainable technology, providing superior quality light with the added benefit of being up to 70% cheaper to run than traditional lighting options.

The entire ecoLED range features a 50,000 life expectancy which virtually eliminates maintenance and replacement costs resulting in a low Total Cost of Ownership that is hard to beat. All Ecopoint ecoLED lighting is mercury free, RoHS compliant, 100% recyclable and approved to Australia/New Zealand safety standards.

A forward thinking company, Ecopoint has a robust growth strategy and is guided by a diverse, commercially driven board which includes directors Paul Wilton, Paul Collins, Brent Wootton and Mark Mellsop-Melssen.


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