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“Not down in any map, true places never are”: Benahy River

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Press Release – Pioneer Expeditions

“Is not down in any map, true places never are” ~ Herman Melville The essence of adventure has seen no changes ~ except the blanks on the maps get smaller and smaller or narrower, and you have to look harder to find them. One such surviving …Press Release

“Is not down in any map, true places never are” ~ Herman Melville

The essence of adventure has seen no changes ~ except the blanks on the maps get smaller and smaller or narrower, and you have to look harder to find them.
One such surviving blank today is the Benahy, a narrow river running through canyons that are only a few meters wide. It not marked on the maps bit it is in Madagascar, and is seldom rafted. Here is a “true” place and true adventure.
Now there are two types of adventurers ~ those that are looking for one, and those that are frightened of having one.

Think hard….

This expedition aims to achieve a rafting descent of the Benahy and Onilahy rivers and along the route this journey takes through fabulous and fantastic landscapes, the challenges are often unknown and challenging requiring ingenuity and flexibility.

Only Pioneer Expeditions offer this fantastic opportunity for exploration in this remote area of Madagascar and see much of the endemic wildlife. Expedition members do not need previous rafting experience as full training is given

Madagascar is still off the beaten track to main stream tourism and is the world’s fourth-largest island containing an immense diversity flora and fauna. There are 40 different species of lemurs, a primate group found only on Madagascar, and many species of chameleons in their wild habitat as well as some of the world’s most bizarre creatures on Earth like the nightmarish hissing cockroach, so-called Dracula ants, and the Giraffe-necked weevil. And the hospitality? This is legendary just like Herman Melville.

For bookings call Sarah
Email: sarah@pioneerexpeditions.co.nz [1]
Telephone: 09 282 0299
Editors notes: About Pioneer Expeditions NZ
www.pioneerexpeditions.co.nz [2]

There is more to an adventure than the mainstream, mass marketed holidays that repeat the same itinerary countless times. Real adventures involve the new and the exciting. Pioneer Expeditions NZ offers those real adventures, creating and achieving extraordinary expedition firsts and constantly uncovering new ideas and experiences.

Original itineraries never before offered allows small groups (usually up to eight people) to explore exotic and little visited destinations, minimising the negative impact on the local environment and maximising the positives.
Nature and culture are key elements of the Pioneer Expedition offer and there are plenty of opportunities on every trip to explore the unique flora and fauna, unusual places and fascinating landmarks.

Pioneer Expedition leaders are highly experienced field professionals and, while they are highly knowledgeable about their expedition area, we fully appreciate that no one knows a place better than the people who live there so we always employ local guides and experts.

No specialist skills are required to join a Pioneer expedition, age is no barrier and detailed trip dossiers enable travellers to make informed choices as to whether the trip is likely to be the right experience for them. And where trips do not fit the bill then tailor- made trips can be organised for individuals and groups.

Pioneer destinations include: Indonesia, Honduras, Mozambique, Philippines, Galapagos, Borneo, Thailand, Costa Rica, Madagascar, Bulgaria, Argentina, Tanzania, Greenland, Burma, MongoliaCanada, Ecuador, Peru Socotra, Zambia.

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