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New Zealand’s best value games source launches

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Press Release – Fatso.co.nz

New Zealand’s favourite online movie and TV show rental company is set to become New Zealand’s favourite games rental company with the launch of Fatso Games Club. Get your game on

New Zealand’s best value games source launches

New Zealand’s favourite online movie and TV show rental company is set to become New Zealand’s favourite games rental company with the launch of Fatso Games Club. [1]

With games from just 49c a day and all the latest releases for less than $3 a day each, Fatso Games Club covers all the major games consoles including PS3 [2], Xbox 360 [3] and WiiU [4], as well PS2 [5], Xbox [6] and Wii [7]

Fatso’s Cuan Gray says Fatso Games Club fits the bill for serious gamers, family fans and occasional users.

“We’re stoked to deliver a truly cost-effective gaming service with the convenience you’d expect from Fatso – direct to your door, free postage and no ‘due back’ date to spoil the fun. And we’ve cracked it in time for Christmas.”

Fatso Games Club operates with a simple ‘pay as you go’ daily rental fee per game with no limit to the number of games that can be rented, or the time the game can be kept.

“We understand the frustration of having to return a game before you’ve had a chance to finish it so we’re giving customers the controls in more ways than one,” says Gray.

New titles can be reserved prior to release date for immediate gaming gratification, avoiding the premium retail costs of $100-$150 per game.

With pre-Christmas releases such as Halo 4 [8], Rise of the Guardians, Call of Duty: Black Ops II [9] and Far Cry 3 [10] to get to grips with, holiday gaming has never looked this good.

Visit www.fatso.co.nz/games [1]


About Fatso Fatso is New Zealand’s favourite online movie and TV show and game rental service with over 30,000 game titles available. Fatso Games Club will soon be New Zealand’s favourite online games rental service with the largest back catalogue available.

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