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MBIE’s high level structure confirmed

Press Release – Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment

The future high level organisational structure of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) has been confirmed Media release

MBIE’s high level structure confirmed

The future high level organisational structure of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) has been confirmed

Eight groups will be established that will set the foundation for MBIE to be a catalyst for a high-performing economy to ensure New Zealand’s lasting prosperity and well-being, says Acting Chief Executive David Smol.

“MBIE’s aim is a business environment that rewards innovation and enterprise – where businesses can see, create, and exploit market opportunities, and where, through the actions of confident and informed consumers, more productive businesses will prosper.”

“Structure is one part of how we will build on the strengths of the four former agencies to deliver better results to effectively support New Zealand’s productive and innovative businesses,” says Mr Smol.

Staff and the PSA and NUPE unions were invited to give their feedback on the proposed structure. Each piece of feedback was reviewed and taken into account in making final decisions

The structure consolidates and reduces duplication of senior management positions across the second and third tiers. MBIE will have eight second tier managers reporting to the Chief Executive, compared to 25 positions in the four agencies that have merged.

There are 39 senior management and corporate positions affected at this stage of the transition, some of which are vacant. These positions will not be disestablished until MBIE’s entire structure is confirmed, in October.

“We are actively managing the change and supporting the people in affected positions,” says Mr Smol. “We are committed to a fast moving transition to provide certainty for staff as soon as possible, and to start delivering the benefits of the merger.”

The eight groups in the new structure are:
• Labour and Commercial Environment – Delivering policy advice aimed at ensuring a business environment that is safe, productive and fair, and supports the development of internationally competitive businesses and good employment outcomes.
• Science, Skills and Innovation – Developing the skills system, the science and innovation system, and international connections to enhance New Zealand’s prosperity and wellbeing. This group includes tourism and major events.
• Infrastructure and Resource Markets – Ensuring an efficient infrastructure as part of a productive and internationally competitive business environment, including the built environment, and stewardship and management of Crown-owned resources and development of policy and technical advice/standards around building and housing policy.
• Immigration – Bringing the best people to New Zealand to enhance New Zealand’s social and economic outcomes.
• Regulatory Practice – Providing a centre of excellence to operationalise regulation and compliance related to safety and fairness in businesses and workplaces.
• Market Services – Providing a range of information, advice, and resolution services to businesses, workers and consumers to enable people to participate with confidence in markets.
• Strategy and Governance – Supporting the Chief Executive and Deputy Chief Executives to determine the organisational strategy for MBIE and ensure effective governance.
• Corporate Services – Delivering high quality and cost effective internal services with a sharp commercial focus.

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