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Snapr: web service for sharing geotagged photos

Press Release – Snapr

Snapr, a new web service for sharing geotagged photos, officially launches today – Press Release: Snapr

Snapr Launch

Snapr, a new web service for sharing geotagged photos, officially launches today –

The service aims to give smart phone photos a better home on the web.

From the founders – “Snapr is a big public channel for people to share what’s happening in their life – we love the idea of a map with crowdsourced photos, you can look in anywhere, discover new people, and find neat things going on.”

“Mobile snaps are less about aesthetics, they are an immediate way to show what is going on where you are.”

Photos on Snapr are viewed via a map based interface. Snaps from the same place and time are naturally brought together.

An iPhone application allows users to upload photos, send tweets, and view the map on the go.

The early iPhone only version of Snapr was featured worldwide by Apple in the iTunes store. In its first month Snapr was downloaded more than 50 000 times despite only being a partial version of the service.

In the run up to launch there are already photos from all over the world.

Snapr was founded by Rowan Wernham and Edward Talbot in 2009.

Based in Auckland New Zealand Snapr will soon also operate from New York.

“Its going to be a bit Flight of the Concords heading to New York – two scruffy guys with no cash, but we can’t wait to get over there, it’s the center for location based start-ups right now”

Snapr was the only company from the southern hemisphere to make the finals of the prestigious Accelerator competition at SXSW in 2010. South By South West (SXSW) is held in Austin Texas and is one of the most crucial annual events for tech start-ups world wide.

Two prominent kiwi companies partnered with Snapr to complete initial development – Cactuslab ( and ME&A mobile (

Prior to working on Snapr Cactuslab created Mobile Fotos, a popular third party iPhone app for Flickr, and World Surfer, an award winning location data app for GeoVector.

From founders – “Like with Twitter there is something compelling about the photos being mostly public – it opens things up and allows people to visibly be part of something much bigger.”

“Its cool to see your photo pop up on the map right after you have taken it, we hope that people will start taking lots of awesome photo’s with Snapr in order to make their hometown look good!”

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