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Activists Deliberately Misleading the Public

Press Release – Waihi Newmont Gold

Newmont Waihi Gold confirms that its future gold mining activity on the Coromandel Peninsula will be using modern underground methods – not open pit. Activists Deliberately Misleading the Public

Newmont Waihi Gold confirms that its future gold mining activity on the Coromandel Peninsula will be using modern underground methods – not open pit.

‘We repeat this statement for the benefit of members of the public who may be concerned and misled by recent assertions that Newmont and its joint venture partner Glass Earth Gold intend to construct an open pit mine,’ says Newmont Waihi Gold’s external affairs manager Kelvyn Eglinton.

‘Coromandel Watchdog has misinterpreted and twisted the wording of a 2009 exploration report written by Glass Earth Gold and this has come about because Watchdog has little understanding of the difference between exploration and mining. Glass Earth Gold is an exploration company – not a mining company. Glass Earth’s statements refer to the type of deposit under exploration – not the methods that might be used to mine it.’

‘Scouring through old press releases to find phrases that can be taken out of context contributes nothing to the current debate and is only scare-mongering at its worst.’

‘Coromandel Watchdog states that it “defies belief” that Newmont would leave untouched an open cast resource if one was found. We would argue that it defies belief that Watchdog’s spokesperson, as a practising lawyer, does not understand that the Resource Management Act is a world class piece of legislation. Any applications for consents must meet stringent conditions and the process is open to public submissions and scrutiny.’

Eglinton believes that organisations such as Newmont Waihi Gold are accountable to regulators, the law and the communities in which they operate. He says that the company is quite rightly under constant scrutiny, while groups such as Coromandel Watchdog have no accountability and can say what they like.

‘Let’s be absolutely clear. Newmont Waihi Gold is not targeting an open pit mine on the Coromandel Peninsula. Our future is in mining underground. Our exploration programme is targeting high grade gold deposits in relatively low-value conservation areas that would be viable to mine underground with a small surface footprint.’

‘Watchdog is reverting to dirty tactics by making petty and misleading statements to take the spotlight off the actual debate and the facts. This week they are accusing Newmont of a collusive relationship with the government. Last week they tried to say mining would cause landslides in Thames when in fact we have no interest in the area in question. Analogies relating to Eden Park and postcards have led to meaningless comparisons. They are either being deliberately provocative or else they don’t understand the debate.’

‘It is significant to us that Coromandel Watchdog has so far declined to meet, preferring instead to spread alarm and concern through the media with unsubstantiated assertions based on what appears an incomplete understanding of geology and current legislation.‘says Eglinton.

‘Once again, Watchdog is twisting fact, history and people’s statements. Once again this group has shown that it prefers to use scare tactics in the media rather than meet to have a constructive and informative exchange of views. As always, I invite any group or individual to contact Newmont Waihi Gold. We are more than happy to take the time to clearly and carefully explain what we are currently doing and our plans for the future.’

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