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Ultra Fast Broadband Trialled In Rural Schools

Press Release – Farmside

Children at two rural South Island schools will soon have access to high-speed rural satellite broadband thanks to a one month trial set up by Farmside due to begin this month. Read more »

Herald needs to consider staff safety

Press Release – Rethinking Crime and Punishment

Bailey Kurariki’s alleged sexual violation of two female journalists, raises serious questions about the Heralds judgement, in sending female staff unsupported to Bailey’s house,” said Kim Workman, Rethinking Crime and Punishment. Read more »

Q+A’s Paul Holmes Interviews Telecom CEO

Speech – Television New Zealand

Points of interest:CEO’s $3 million performance bonus “is going to be affected by this, of course”; Reynolds denies budget issues with its new technology: “In no way did we skimp on XT”; Asked if Telecom is struggling with historic under-investment, … Read more »

Q+A’s Paul Holmes Interviews Rodney Hide

Speech – Television New Zealand

Points of interest: ACT party leader lays into National: “Too conservative”, “present policies… won’t lift our economic performance” or help us catch Australia, “basically we’re sticking with the policies of Michael Cullen and … Read more »

Build Our Trains At Home, Say Rail Workers

Press Release – Rail And Maritime Transport Union

The Rail and Maritime Transport Union (RMTU) is using an open day at Hutt Rail workshops today to urge KiwiRail to back the New Zealand workforce and ‘buy kiwi made’ in its upcoming locomotive and wagon procurement. Read more »

Global Fixed Income Markets Weekly

Press Release – JP Morgan

GGBs will become ineligible for funding at the ECB if Moody’s downgrades Greece by more than one notch and the ECB tightens its collateral criteria to pre-crisis levels at year-end. Read more »

Alliance To PM: What About “Jobs In Local Rail”

Press Release – New Zealand Alliance Party

The Alliance is backing a campaign by rail workers to have KiwiRail’s new locomotives and wagons built in New Zealand. The Rail and Maritime Transport Union (RMTU) is using an open day at Hutt Rail workshops today Sunday 28 February 2010, from 11am … Read more »

Auckland City Council Threatens Unite Leader

Press Release – Unite Union

The Auckland City Council has threatened to arrest the head of the Unite Union Matt McCarten and campaign volunteers tonight if they attempt to gather signatures in the union campaign to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Read more »

Special Olympics SPARC Finalist

Press Release – Special Olympics NZ

pecial Olympics New Zealand today learned that it is a finalist in the Event Excellence category of the 2010 New Zealand Sport and Recreation (SPARC) Sector Awards for its 2009 National Summer Games. “We are absolutely over the moon,” says Kathy Gibson. Read more »

Corporate Hedging Recommendation: GBP Downside

Press Release – JP Morgan

GBP remains vulnerable in the medium term as de-leveraging in the public, household and banking sectors weighs on growth. A massive fiscal consolidation is necessary in the UK and we expect further declines in GBP as a result. Read more »

The real impact of JPY/KRW

Press Release – JP Morgan

JPY/KRW receives considerable attention for three reasons: it is believed to influence relative equity performance, it is highly cyclical and it is fundamentally misaligned (KRW is cheap to JPY). Read more »

FX Markets Weekly: Loose Wheels, Firm Dollar

Press Release – JP Morgan

Most global activity data give the impression that the wheels are coming off the global recovery. That view is too extreme, but the wheels are loose enough to extend USD strength into mid-March. Stay long USD vs most currencies but the yen, and stay … Read more »

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