Top tips to make your New Year’s resolution stick

Press Release – Retirement Commission

To kick off 2010 a number of leading New Zealanders are joining forces with Sorted to help you make and stick to New Year’s resolutions to get your money sorted. Top tips to make your New Year’s resolution stick

To kick off 2010 a number of leading New Zealanders are joining forces with Sorted to help you make and stick to New Year’s resolutions to get your money sorted.

Retirement Commissioner Diana Crossan says the start of a New Year is a good time to take stock of the year that’s been, and reflect on what lies ahead.

“Setting a financial goal as a New Year’s resolution puts you in charge of your money and your life.”

“Many New Zealanders have faced challenging times in 2009 and have had to focus on their financial situation. Many people will be thinking about what they’ve learned about managing their money better, and how they can turn that to their advantage in 2010.”

New Zealanders from all walks of life know that New Year’s resolutions are easier to make than to keep, but there are many tips and habits that can help.

Leading New Zealanders will be sharing what works for them on the Sorted blog over the next two weeks – see some of their top tips below.

Even if you’re a sporting champion or a media star, managing your cash flow and saving are still important to getting ahead financially. As world rowing champion Eric Murray puts it “don’t count your chickens before they hatch – things can rapidly change which can turn your finances around in a flash”.

In 2010, whether you want to reduce your credit card balance, save for something, pay off your mortgage or tackle anything else, Sorted can help you set your goals, do the sums and make a plan to get there. has free independent information and tools, or you can get started by ordering a free Sorted New Year Pack – free text ‘SORTED’.

For more information contact: Janice Rodenburg 021 705 301 or 04 938 0703.

Top tips for 2010

Set goals

Alexis Poulter, top surfer
“The most important thing is to write your goals down and always read them – it keeps them in your head.”

Michael Jones, former All Black and community leader
“I’ve failed enough times with New Year’s resolutions to recognise that a “road map”, written clearly and not too complicated, provides the pathway to fulfilling my goals.”

Make a budget

Eric Murray, world champion rower
“Make sure you have enough each week to pay the bills, keep a roof over your head, keep you well fed, and then a little money to splash about so you can enjoy yourself.”

Manage your cash flow

Carly Flynn, TV3 Sunrise host
“Have cash in your wallet rather than using the eftpos card all the time. With eftpos it’s easy to spend $20 here and there and not notice, but if it’s cash and you can see you’re running short you might think twice about the second coffee.”

Nigel Latta, clinical psychologist, author and host of the Politically Incorrect Parenting Show
“Constantly reflecting on the big picture helps me reach my financial goals. When I am making a decision, I ask myself, does this take me closer to my goals or is it a distraction.”

Control your debt

Jenny Fagg, ANZ National Chief Executive Officer
“If you are struggling financially or think you are near the tipping point, ask for help as soon as possible. Let your bank know early on, so it can help you try and find a solution to get you through.”

Start saving

Kerre Woodham, radio host, columnist and author
“My Dad told me to start a savings plan as soon as I got my first job – and I bitterly regret not listening to him. Even 10 dollars a week would have added up to something substantial.”

Oliver Driver, TV3 Sunrise host and star of Under the Mountain
“I name my bank accounts – you can call them anything, like ‘GST don’t touch’ or ‘new car account’ and that makes you think – do I really want to take money out of my new car account for something else.”


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